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Halo Infinite’s Ranked System: Everything You Need to Know

Abhimannu Das
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Halo Infinite's first season is now live with its Ranked Arena system available for players who want to climb to the top.
The Ranked Arena mode allows players to choose which input device they want to use and compete against for fairer matchmaking.
Ranked rewards have not yet been revealed by 343 Industries and are expected to be announced at a later date.

Halo Infinite dropped out of nowhere, and many players are jumping into the franchise for the first time ever. The multiplayer beta which launched earlier this year garnered positive responses and the new ranked system seems to have drawn the attention of its players. If you want to hop right into the Halo Infinite ranked system and see how far you can climb, now is the time to do so. Everyone playing the game is new to it currently and you will be able to learn the mechanics with other players throughout the first season. If you want a rundown of Halo Infinite’s ranking system, here is everything you need to know.

How does Halo Infinite’s Ranking System Work?

Players will need to complete ten games before being assigned a rank depending on how well they perform in those matches. Ranked Arena is very different from the standard game modes as there are several restrictions that get put in place in the Ranked Arena. Certain features may be disabled, some gun types may be removed, and more.

To ensure players compete in a fair environment, lobbies will be balanced based on input method. Players can queue for either controller or mouse and keyboard lobbies. You can also queue your ranked games solo or in the duos mode.

Halo Infinite Ranked Gameplay Rules

When you start a game, there is an open queue and a solo/duo queue. In open queue, you can play with a full fireteam of four and you can queue up with any input method. In solo and duos modes, you need to choose a specific input for fair matchmaking.

The current gameplay rules include:

  • All players start off with a Battle Rifle

  • Combat Sensor is disabled for all matches

  • Friendly fire is on

  • All grenade hit markers are disabled

  • Static item spawns are featured

Halo Infinite Ranks

Onyx is the ultimate goal for players who want to become the best at Halo. Depending on how high you are placed and your win rate, you may spend up to dozens of hours getting to Onyx.

  • Bronze: I-VI

  • Silver: I – VI

  • Gold: I – VI

  • Platinum: I – VI

  • Diamond: I – VI

  • Onyx

Halo Infinite Ranks

Halo Infinite Rank Rewards

There are no rewards announced for Halo Infinite’s Ranked Arena currently. 343 Industries will reveal more details about the ranked rewards at a later date.

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