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Halo Infinite Tenrai Event: How to Get Yoroi Samurai Armor

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Halo Infinite is set to get its second limited-time event just days after the game's launch.
The Halo Infinite Tenrai Event will allow players to earn limited-time items for free.
There will be 30 levels of cosmetics and other rewards to unlock with the Tenrai samurai-themed armor being the highlight of the event pass.

The Yoroi Samurai Armor is finally coming to Halo Infinite on 22nd Nov 2021 after being teased by 343 Industries earlier this month. The new Tenrai armor is reminiscent of the Hayabusa Powered Assault Armor (HPAA) from previous instalments of Halo and it looks quite different from the standard Spartan suits we have in-game. Players will be able to unlock the new armor set from the Fractures: Tenrai event which will be available to all players for a limited time.

How to complete the Halo Infinite Tenrai Event

The Halo Infinite Tenrai event will go live on 22nd Nov 2021 and it will include a limited-time Event pass for all players. This pass will be available to you even if you do not purchase the seasonal battle pass and once you complete all of the required challenges, you will unlock the Tenrai armor.

The challenges will be randomized and involve completing matches, securing kills, using specific weapons and more. It is Halo’s 20th anniversary month and 343 Industries is offering the event pass to celebrate the launch of Halo Infinite and the franchise’s anniversary.

There will be a unique playlist specifically for the event and players can complete the pass to unlock additional Samurai-themed rewards. Cosmetics other than the armor set have not been revealed yet but they are likely to include player icons, gun skins and more.

Completing quests during the Halo Infinite Tenrai event will allow players to earn XP towards the premium battle pass as well. The first anniversary celebrations weekend is coming to an end and players will need to claim the rewards by logging into the game before the Tenrai event.

Do I need to purchase the Tenrai Event Pass?

The event is completely free and players will not be required to get the premium pass to obtain the Tenrai event’s rewards.

When will the Tenrai Event take place?

The event is slated to kick off on 22nd November at 5 PM GMT. It is unknown how long the event will go on for but considering the previous anniversary event lasted only for a week, players may not have too long to obtain the rewards.

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