Genshin Impact Razor: Talents, Constellations and Passives

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Razor - Genshin Impact


Razor used to be a popular 4-star unit in Genshin Impact but he rarely sees play these days due to the addition of much stronger units.
His best team involves the use of a C6 Bennett and the Thundering Fury artifact set.
You should not pull for 4-stars in Genshin unless you are okay with getting the rate-up 5-star character on the banner.

Razor was one of the first 4-star characters that was released in Genshin Impact. He was mostly used in Physical damage teams with him being the on-field damage dealer, but the teams were never meta. Since the release of Dendro, Razor has found himself in a niche but powerful Thundering Fury team featuring C6 Bennett. He can be worth investing your resources if you are looking for a fun team featuring C6 Bennett, but there are far stronger options available. If you plan on building him, here is a quick rundown of Razor’s Talents, Constellations and Passives in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact Razor: Should You Pull? 

Razor is not worth pulling for and there are far stronger units available in Genshin right now that fit his role. Unlike 5 stars, there is no guarantee that you will be able to snag a 4-star of your choice from event banners. There are instances of people spending over a hundred wishes and not getting the 4-star that they need so you should never pull for a low rarity unit unless you are okay with getting the featured 5-star or using up your pity.

Genshin Impact Razor: Talents

Elemental Skill - Claw and Thunder: The skill has a Press and a Hold variant.


  • Swings the Thunder Wolf Claw, dealing Electro DMG to opponents in front of Razor.

  • Upon striking an opponent, Razor will gain an Electro Sigil, which increases his Energy Recharge rate.

  • Razor can have up to 3 Electro Sigils simultaneously, and gaining a new Electro Sigil refreshes their duration.

  • Press Cooldown: 6 seconds


  • Gathers Electro energy to unleash a lightning storm over a small AoE, causing massive Electro DMG, and clears all of Razor's Electro Sigils.

  • Each Electro Sigil cleared in this manner will be converted into Energy for Razor.

  • Hold Cooldown: 10 seconds

Elemental Burst - Lightning Fang

Summons the Wolf Within, which deals Electro DMG to all nearby opponents. This clears all of Razor's Electro Sigils, which will be converted into Elemental Energy for him. The Wolf Within will fight alongside Razor for the skill's duration.

The Wolf Within

  • Strikes alongside Razor's normal attacks, dealing Electro DMG.

  • Raises Razor's ATK SPD and Electro RES.

  • Causes Razor to be immune to DMG inflicted by the Electro-Charged status.

  • Disables Razor's Charged Attacks.

  • Increases Razor's resistance to interruption.

These effects end when Razor leaves the battlefield.

When Razor leaves the field, a maximum of 10 Energy will be returned to him based on the duration remaining on this skill.

Genshin Impact Razor: Constellations 

C1 - Wolf’s Instinct: Picking up an Elemental Orb or Particle increases Razor's DMG by 10% for 8s.

C2 - Suppression: Increases CRIT Rate against opponents with less than 30% HP by 10%.

C3 - Soul Companion: Increases the Level of Lightning Fang by 3. The maximum upgrade level is 15.

C4 - Bite: When casting Claw and Thunder (Press), opponents hit will have their DEF decreased by 15% for 7s.

C5 - Sharpened Claws: Increases the Level of Claw and Thunder by 3. The maximum upgrade level is 15.

C6 - Lupus Fulguris: Every 10s, Razor's sword charges up, causing the next Normal Attack to release lightning that deals 100% of Razor's ATK as Electro DMG. When Razor is not using Lightning Fang, a lightning strike on an opponent will grant Razor an Electro Sigil for Claw and Thunder.

Genshin Impact Razor: Passives

Awakening: Decreases Claw and Thunder's CD by 18%. Using Lightning Fang resets the CD of Claw and Thunder.

Hunger: When Razor's Energy is below 50%, increases Energy Recharge by 30%.

Wolvensprint: Decreases sprinting Stamina consumption for your own party members by 20%. Not stackable with Passive Talents that provide the exact same effects.

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