Genshin Impact: Bennett Talents, Constellations and Passives

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Bennett - Genshin Impact


Bennett is arguably the strongest 4-star character in Genshin Impact and he has been meta in the Spiral Abyss since 2020.
In patch 3.5, over 87% Bennett owners used him to clear Floor 12, which shows how popular he is.
Bennett deals decent damage, can heal your party and offers a massive damage buff to your on-field characters.

Bennett is one of the cornerstone 4-stars of Genshin Impact and he has been “meta” ever since his release. Players overlooked his kit when the game launched but once the community discovered how powerful he can be, he has been a staple in the Spiral Abysss meta. In the current patch (3.5), over 87% Bennett users used him to clear floor 12 and that’s even more impressive considering he is far more accessible than 5-star characters. Here is a complete breakdown of Bennett’s Talents, Constellations and Passives.

Genshin Impact Bennett: Should you pull? 

We recommend getting at least one copy of Bennett from the Starglitter shop whenever he is in rotation. He shows up in May and November every year and you can get a copy for 36 Starglitter. We recommend not pulling for him if you do not want the rate-up 5 stars. When it comes to constellations, C1 is the way to go and anything above that is just a bonus. C6 Bennett is hotly debated within the community and many recommend not going for it. But in most cases, it is still a beneficial constellation but if you are unsure, you can leave it depending on which characters you use.

Genshin Impact Bennett: Talents

Elemental Skill - Passion Overload: Bennett puts all his fire and passion for adventuring into his sword. Results may vary based on how fired up he is.


A single, swift flame strike that deals Pyro DMG.

Hold (Short)

Charges up, resulting in different effects when unleashed based on the Charge Level.

Level 1: Strikes twice, dealing Pyro DMG and launching opponents.

Level 2: Unleashes 3 consecutive attacks that deal impressive Pyro DMG, but the last attack triggers an explosion that launches both Bennett and the enemy. Bennett takes no damage from being launched.

  • Cooldown: 5/7.5/10 seconds depending on skill variant.

Elemental Burst - Fantastic Voyage: Bennett performs a jumping attack that deals Pyro DMG, creating an Inspiration Field.

Inspiration Field

If the health of a character within the AoE is equal to or falls below 70%, their health will continuously regenerate. The amount of HP restored scales off Bennett's Max HP.

If the health of a character within the AoE is higher than 70%, they gain an ATK Bonus that is based on Bennett's Base ATK. Imbues characters within the AoE with Pyro.

  • Cost: 60

  • Cooldown: 15 seconds

  • Duration 12 seconds

Genshin Impact Bennett: Constellations

C1- Grand Expectation: Fantastic Voyage's ATK increase no longer has an HP restriction, and gains an additional 20% of Bennett's Base ATK.

C2 - Impasse  Conqueror: When Bennett's HP falls below 70%, his Energy Recharge is increased by 30%.

C3 - Unstoppable Fervor: Increases the Level of Passion Overload by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.

C4 - Unexpected Odyssey: Using a Normal Attack as the second attack of Passion Overload's Charge Level 1 will perform a follow-up attack. This additional attack does 135% of the second attack's DMG.

C5 - True Explorer: Increases the Level of Fantastic Voyage by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.

C6 - Fire Ventures With Me: Sword, Claymore, or Polearm-wielding characters inside Fantastic Voyage's radius gain a 15% Pyro DMG Bonus and their weapons are infused with Pyro.

Genshin Impact Bennett: Passives

Rekindle: Decreases Passion Overload's CD by 20%.

Fearnaught: Within the area created by Fantastic Voyage, Passion Overload takes on the following effects:

  • Cooldown is reduced by 50%.

  • Bennett will not be launched by the effects of Charge Level 2.

It Should Be Safe: When dispatched on an expedition in Mondstadt, time consumed is reduced by 25%.

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