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Garena Free Fire Max: Check These 5 Tips to Win Shotgun Fights

Abhimannu Das
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Shotguns in Free Fire Max can secure one-shot kills but they require players to play aggressively.
If you want to be effective with shotguns in Free Fire, you should learn to close the gap between yourself and your enemies.
Peak-shooting is also an important skill to have if you want to avoid taking too much damage from your enemies.

Shotguns in Free Fire MAX can be devastating when you fight in constricted spaces. Just one well-aimed shot is all you need to take out an enemy player but you need to know how to play around the weaknesses of the weapon class. Given the fact that you have a very limited range to work with, you need to be able to close the gap between you and your enemy when taking a shot. Shotguns can also be risky if you are not aware of your surroundings. Here are five tips to help you win shotgun fights in Garena Free Fire Max.

Five Tips to Win Shotgun Fights in Garena Free Fire Max

Here are five tips that you can implement in your gameplay to win your shotgun fights consistently in Garena Free Fire Max.

1. Look for headshots

Try to aim for the head whenever possible. It can be difficult to adjust your reticle to aim at the head when you are caught off guard. But if you know that an enemy is headed your way, you should aim for the head so most of your pellets land on their head and get you an instant kill.

2. Use Hayato Bushido

One of the biggest advantages of using Hayato Bushido is that he has armor penetration capabilities. By bypassing some of the armor of your enemies, you can get consistent kills with a shotgun.

3. Learn to peak-shoot

Shotguns are not rapid-fire weapons and there is a small downtime between each shot. You should try to play around corners and protect yourself from incoming damage between multiple shots.

4. Remember to reload

One of the biggest issues with the shotgun weapon archetype is that all of the shotguns take too long to reload. You should reload your gun between encounters to ensure you do not have to reload during a gunfight.

5. Know when to switch to a different gun

You cannot use a shotgun in all situations and if enemies are aware of how to counter your playstyle, you should be able to adapt. While shotguns are great in close quarters combat, they are not effective if everyone is playing at range and you should opt for a different weapon archetype.

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