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Funny Valorant Names: Spice up Your Profile With These Hilarious Gamertags

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Here are some of the most funny Valorant names that you can use on your profile to give your teammates or your enemies a good laugh.
If you want to change your name in Valorant, you can do so from the official website in a few easy steps.
Once your name is changed, it cannot be changed again for 30 days unless Riot flags your ID as offensive.

With Riot Games offering free name changes, you can use some funny Valorant names to give your friends or teammates a good chuckle. To change your name in Valorant, you have to do so from the official page after logging into your official ID. You can either follow our guide or submit a ticket to the support staff, and they will follow through with your request. Both methods work but submitting a ticket to change your name in Valorant can take up to a day or more. Here are some funny Valorant names that you can use as your Riot ID.

100 Funny Gamertags that you can use in Valorant

  1. RebibeMeJett

  2. PlzPlant

  3. SomethingLazy

  4. WidePlease

  5. TwinkleWinkles

  6. HardBreaker

  7. CatHearted

  8. DayKnight

  9. LazyRebel

  10. BathroomDancer

  11. StarDirt

  12. SunWine

  13. SugarWater

  14. BitterBiscuit

  15. GlassCake

  16. GorgeousBoy

  17. MrBeerfect

  18. MoonDog

  19. WhiteCherry

  20. QWERTYVanilla

  21. DreamWeaker

  22. CottonBiscuit

  23. SunkissedDoggy

  24. I’mNotGem

  25. SupremeFollower

  26. MoonDark

  27. CrazyDanger

  28. StarPlanets

  29. SugaryLegs

  30. OptimisticKitten

  31. BelieveInOthers

  32. CaringCar

  33. AdventorousApe

  34. HipHopGamer

  35. BraveRat

  36. CrazyCurious

  37. DogNextDoor

  38. DuplicateAngel

  39. CostlyCheap

  40. TragedyMaker

  41. PinkGhost

  42. PrinciplePeach

  43. CherryBallsome

  44. PlayfulTiger

  45. FriendlyBoo

  46. WowBow

  47. HappySorrow

  48. WhenDogsMet

  49. LadyMouse

  50. FlyingLeft

  51. ConfuseMisfuse

  52. SuperChopper

  53. SuperMoon

  54. FunnyTeddy

  55. EgoFantasy

  56. SavageSauce

  57. ComicDeal

  58. SugarPoop

  59. MindFrt

  60. AmusingLens

  61. WhiteMonster

  62. ComicMonster

  63. HugMeCat

  64. ChocoFruit

  65. PsychicNoodles

  66. PinkPonk

  67. JustMyLegs

  68. StrangeGamer

  69. RainbowRat

  70. FunnyFlames

  71. IceDreams

  72. BrainIt

  73. SnowMakes

  74. NothingMystery

  75. PizzaHunter

  76. BurgerBug

  77. DonutVirus

  78. CheeseFun

  79. CallMeComic

  80. LoudVoice

  81. CrazyPuff

  82. FreeHell

  83. ThunderFree

  84. SeriousGoose

  85. LazyTeddy

  86. LuckyDiick

  87. FunniestMan

  88. ImNotGamer

  89. CrazyOn

  90. AssistantGamer

  91. BitterHeart

  92. SmileyDuck

  93. LetsNotEndThis

  94. FunnyMinute

  95. BuffaloKisses

  96. CrazyTeddy

  97. CutieHippo

  98. AmazingLunchroom

  99. UnbeatableBreath

  100. BeatNobleBeginner

How to use funny Valorant names

Once you have the necessary details, including your username and password, log in to your id on You may be prompted to go through two-factor authentication if enabled or email verification is required.

  1. Head to

  2. Put in your login details.

  3. Check your email if the page asks for id verification.

  4. Enter the one-time authentication code from your email if required.

  5. Click on Riot ID on the menu.

  6. Click on the pencil icon to edit your username.

  7. Choose your new name.

  8. Click on Save.

You can use the same menu to edit your connected accounts, change your email and account password. You should be able to change your name in Valorant as soon as the 30-day cooldown is over. If your account gets flagged for being offensive, Riot will offer another name change, and all cooldowns will be overridden and you can choose other funny Valorant names for your profile.

If you signed up for a new Valorant ID and do not know where to find it, you can log in to the game, and it’ll be the combination of your name with a hashtag and some numbers. Some IDs do not use the numbers and might denote your region instead.

For example, your ID might look like AFKGaming#EUW if you are from Western Europe. Once you have your ID ready, you can change your name in Valorant via the official website. The best part about Riot’s name change service is that you can change the display name as well as the hashtag. You can also request region transfers, which will change the hashtag number or code.

Does It Cost Money To Change Your Name in Valorant?

The name change service does not cost any money. However, if you play other Riot Games titles like League of Legends, there is a cost to change your Summoner name, which does not apply to Valorant. Despite the service being free of charge, you will have to deal with a 30-day cooldown.

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