Fortnite x My Hero Academia: All Deku & Todoroki Quests

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Fortnite x My Hero Academia: All Deku &amp; Todoroki Quests</p></div>

Fortnite x My Hero Academia: All Deku & Todoroki Quests


Fortnite x My Hero Academia collaboration is making a return for Fortnite players with more skins and quests to unlock.
We've prepared a list of all Deku and Todoroki quests that you can complete for XP and rewards.

It's a new Fortnite season, and Epic Games is back with another anime collaboration. In its latest update, v26.10, Fortnite welcomes the second wave of characters from the popular Shonen anime My Hero Academia. We'll see Shoto Todoroki, Eijiro Kirishima, and Mina Ashido dropping into the battle royale! Fortnite x My Hero Academia is a thrilling collaboration offering players a chance to play with their favorite characters and unleash their superpowers on the island.

Here's everything you need to know about Fortnite x My Hero Academia, including a look at all Deku and Todoroki quests, rewards, and more!

Fortnite x My Hero Academia: Deku Quests & Rewards

With the arrival of new heroes, Fortnite introduces a set of quests for Deku. Completing these quests not only immerses players in My Hero Academia lore but also rewards them with valuable XP. Here are all the Deku Quests for Fortnite players to complete –

Fortnite x My Hero Academia: Todoroki Quests & Rewards

It's not only Deku who is getting quests in Fortnite's latest collab; we also have Todoroki Quests! By completing six My Hero Academia quests, players can add another layer of excitement to their Fortnite journey! Here are all the Todoroki Quests for Fortnite players to complete –

Fortnite x My Hero Academia: How to Complete all Deku and Todoroki Quests?

Don't worry; you won't have a hard time completing Deku and Todoroki quests. All these quests are straightforward to complete. If you want to find out which quest you are on or keep track of your progress, make sure to check out the Quest Tab when ingame.

The best way to complete all of the Todoroki quests is by getting your hands on Todoroki's Ice Wall mythic, which can help you complete a number of quests.

My Hero Academia is back in Fortnite after nine months since their first collaboration. It's a brand new Fortnite season, so things have changed since the last time Shonen Anime was in the game. As the season progresses, we can expect to see more collaborations. Make sure to stick with us as we'll update you with whatever Fortnite Season 4 Chapter 4 brings!

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