Fortnite Refer a Friend 3.0: How It Works, Rewards & More

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Fortnite Refer a Friend 3.0: How It Works, Rewards &amp; More</p></div>
Fortnite Refer a Friend 3.0: How It Works, Rewards &amp; More


The Refer a Friend Program in Fortnite has returned to the game and is better than ever.
Here's all you need to know about participating in this program, earning rewards and more.

Fortnite has been ruling the roost for quite a few weeks now. With the roll out of the OG map, many players came back to play Fortnite and ride the wave of nostalgia.

The Refer a Friend program in Fortnite is back and is running smoothly in its third edition. The Refer a Friend 3.0 feature was introduced on 26th September 2023, and it is better than ever before.

It allows players a golden opportunity to earn exciting in-game rewards by teaming up with eligible friends who are new to Fortnite or making a return after a hiatus (players with less than 2 hours of gameplay in the last 30 days).

If you’re returning after a long time, or are simply a newbie, you must be wondering how you can bring your friends onboard to earn some extra rewards.

Worry not because we’ve got all the answers to your questions. In this article, we’ll share everything you need to know about Fortnite's Refer a Friend 3.0. 

How to Participate in Refer a Friend 3.0:

About the Refer a Friend 3.0 feature, the Fortnite team said, "Fortnite’s Refer a Friend program is back! Earn in-game rewards by completing in-game tasks with eligible friends you refer to Fortnite. Eligible friends are new or returning players."

Follow the given steps to partake in this collaborative event in Fortnite:

  1. Sign Up: Head to the Refer a Friend website and register with your Epic account.

  2. Invite Your Crew: Extend invitations to up to five eligible friends via the website to join you in the Fortnite adventure.

  3. Complete Tasks Together: Dive into the game and conquer in-game tasks together to earn those coveted rewards.

  4. Earn Rewards, including the Redcap Outfit: As you and your crew achieve milestones, unlock in-game rewards, including the all-new Redcap Outfit.

This Refer a Friend 3.0 will run till 9th January 2024 and brings an exciting range of rewards. However, players need to fulfill a certain amount of criteria to be eligible for them. 

Fortnite Refer a Friend 3.0 Quests

The following are the quests one needs to complete in order to win the Refer a Friend rewards:

  • Redcap’s Revenge spray – Create a connection.

  • Wild Redcap’s wrap – Play 1 match of Fortnite with selected friend.

  • Portable Portobello back bling – Place Top 10 in Fortnite 6 times with selected friend.

  • Shiitake Slasher pickaxe – Eliminate 45 opponents in Fortnite with selected friend.

  • Redcap outfit – Gain 50 cumulative account levels with a selected friend.

Players need to keep in mind that once registered and logged into the Refer a Friend website, “referrers” can invite friends (“referees”) to complete Refer a Friend tasks in Fortnite together.

Referrers and referees can both earn points by completing the above-mentioned tasks. However, both the referrers and referees need to be friends in-game to participate in this program. Only those who are referring the other player will need to register on the program website. However, referees can still register on the site if they want to check their task progress.

"If you participate in the program as a referrer, you will not be able to later participate as a referee (and vice versa)," noted the Fortnite team.

Additionally, while referrers can participate with up to five different referees, each participant (whether a referrer or a referee) can only earn each Refer a Friend 3.0 reward once.

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