Fortnite OG: Where to Find Driftboards


Fortnite OG: Where to Find Driftboards

Aditi Joshi
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Fortnite recently unveiled a new update, bringing back the OG version of the game
In this light, the game has also brought back driftboards—the beloved medium of travel that players use to travel from one place to another.
If you are unable to locate driftboards and use them, worry not. Here, we’ll share all the locations of the driftboards with you.

Fortnite is reviving its OG map, characters and weapons for the players as part of Fortnite OG season. This Fortnite chapter is gaining traction as it bestows its nostalgia upon players while also giving newbie Fortnite players a taste of what they missed out on.

One of the beloved gameplay mechanic, the Driftboard, was added to Fortnite Season OG on 6th November. It was one of the items that stood out the most during Chapter 1 Season 6 in 2018.

But the question is where are all the Driftboards. Players are also wodering if they will spawn randomly or in specific locations.

In this article, we will take a closer look into Driftboards in Fortnite OG and where to find and how to use them.

What is a Driftboard? How to Use It in Fortnite?

A driftboard, also known as a hoverboard or snowboard, allows you to glide throughout the Fortnite island. They float throughout the map and are considered as vehicles. However, they do come with their own cons:

  1. No guaranteed protection

  2. No radio 

  3. Only carry one person at a time

  4. Destroyed by enemy gunfire

  5. Only has a total health of 300

Driftboard in Fortnite

Despite its limitations, it is a popular choice of transportation in the game because the riskier, the better, right? It is extremely fast and can hover you from one place to another quite rapidly. Other than that, they can also perform some cool tricks to impress other players or just add fun to your gameplay. Use the boost option to jump up your speed and skid around or flip the board as you please. 

Where are Driftboards located?

If you are having trouble finding where the driftboards are, don't worry because they are located in various places throughout the map. There are over 37 driftboards in the game that you can find spread across the Fortnite island. However, this is an item that does not always spawn in a specific location as it is randomized. Here are the potential locations of these boards:

  • Grease Grove / Flush Factory (Outside) – 8

  • Junk Junction (Outside) – 2

  • Paradise Palms (Outside) – 2

  • Fatal Fields (Outside) – 2

  • Pleasant Park (Outside) – 3

  • Tilted Towers (Outside) – 4

  • Tomato Temple – 2

  • Loot Lake – 2

  • Wailing Woods – 2

  • Retail Row – 4

  • Shifty Shaft – 3

  • Lucky Landing – 2

So, if you find yourself around any of these locations, don’t forget to go around and obtain a driftboard for easy transportation.

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