Fortnite 6th Birthday Quests & Rewards


Fortnite 6th Birthday Quests & Rewards

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Fortnite is celebrating its 6th birthday. Epic Games has added new Fortnite 6th Birthday quests with the v26.10 update.
The event features eight quests for players to complete and additional cosmetic items to unlock.

Epic Games is celebrating the 6th Birthday of Fortnite Battle Royale with a series of quests, rewards, and challenges. These quests have been added to the game with the release of the v26.10 update on 12th September.

The new Fortnite Birthday Quests will require players to complete simple tasks, which include collecting presents, using balloons, and playing matches. If you want to join Fortnite's 6th Birthday party, you need to know everything about quests and rewards you can get!

All Fortnite 6th Birthday Event Quests

If you played during last year's birthday event, you know that the quest list wasn't that huge. However, this time, things are not the same. Fortnite's 6th Birthday even features a total of 8 quests for players to complete. Completing each quest will earn players a certain amount of XP.

Here's a list of Fortnite 6th birthday quests alongside their rewards and how you can complete them –

  1. Wish the bus driver a Happy Birthday (20,000 XP) – Well, it's quite simple, isn't it? When you board the battle bus, make sure to wish the bus driver a happy birthday!

  2. Dance with Characters in Match (20,000 XP)– You're going to have to show your dancing moves for this one. Simply find an NPC in the game and select your favorite dancing emote from the wheel.

  3. Collect Birthday Presents (20,000 XP) – Who doesn't like collecting birthday presents? During the event, all birthday presents will be recognized at floor loot. You just need to look at the ground and collect.

  4. Land During Fortnite 6th Birthday Event (20,000 XP) – It's another simple quest! Just board the battle bus again and land anywhere on the island.

  5. Consume Birthday Cake (20,000 XP) – You and your character are going to love this; you're in for a cake treat. Visit major POIs and consume birthday cakes.

  6. Use Balloons (20,000 XP) – No birthday party is complete without balloons. You can find balloons in Fortnite in chests or as floor loot. Use your primary fire button to inflate the balloon.

  7. Play Matches (20,000 XP) – Play a total of six matches of Fortnite Battle Royale to complete this quest.

  8. Down Opponents (20,000 XP) – A quest to test your ingame skills. You have to eliminate a total of six opponents.

All Fortnite 6th Birthday Event Rewards

Players know about the exciting free cosmetic rewards that Fortnite Birthday Events bring. For Fortnite's 6th Birthday, players get the opportunity to get their hands on –

  1. Birthday Themed Pickaxe – Complete 1 Birthday Quests

  2. Birthday-Themed Spray – Complete 3 Birthday Quests

  3. Birthday-Themed Backbling – Complete 5 Birthday Quests

Players can also expect to see the battle bus to be decorated to commemorate the event, and supply drops will also receive a visual overhaul.

That's all the quests and rewards you can expect in the Fortnite 6th Birthday event! Be sure to complete all these simple tasks to earn XP and free rewards.

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