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Fixes for Every Apex Legends Error Code on All Platforms

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Knowing Apex Legends' error codes can help you fix issues you face during gameplay pretty easily.
If none of the recommended solutions work for the error codes, you should reach out to EA's support channels for help.
Sometimes the game may crash without showing an error code and you will need to view the crash reports manually via the game logs.

Like any other game, Apex Legends can run into problems and cause issues for players. If you run into an error in Apex Legends, you should see an error code in most cases that can help diagnose the issue. Knowing these error codes can help you quickly identify the cause of crashes and fix the problems. Here are all of the Apex Legends error codes that you need to be aware of.

List of Apex Legends Error Codes and How to Fix Them


  1. Make sure your EA Account and Origin profile match, including the language, country, and region.

  2. Update your graphic drivers.

  3. Press the Windows key + R.

  4. Type appwiz.cpl.

  5. Hit Enter.

  6. Repair or reinstall the latest version.


  • Make sure the time zone and date of birth is the same on your platform account and your EA Account.


  • Do a clean boot of your computer.


  • EA has guidelines for both PC and console for the error code which you can check out here.

  • Repair the Apex Legends game files by going to Origin or Steam, Game Library, then finding Apex Legends. Click the Settings icon then click Repair.


  • This is a PlayStation-exclusive error that can be caused by firmware, hardware or PlayStation network connectivity problems. Players need to reach out to PlayStation support to seek fixes.


  • Download the last Nvidia Game Ready drivers.

Code: Leaf, Code:Net, Code:Wheel

  1. Restart your router.

  2. Use an Ethernet network.

  3. Reboot your PC.

Out of Sync with server

  • Go to Settings. Under the Video tab, set Texture Streaming Budget to None.

Party Leader Quit, Party not ready

  1. Try to leave the party and join again.

  2. Go to the Lobby and invite your friends to join your party instead.

  3. Click Return to Main Menu, then go back to the Lobby.

  4. Switch game modes from Play Apex to Training, then go back to Play Apex.

  5. Restart your game.


  1. Repair the Apex Legends game files by going to Origin, Game Library, then finding Apex Legends. Click the Settings icon then click Repair.

  2. Update your Windows software.


  • Restart your router and reinstall your game.

  • For PC, turn down the video memory by opening Apex Legends and going to Settings. Click the Video tab, scroll down to Advanced, and change the Texture Streaming Budget to none.

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