Farming - Part 1 Quest in Escape From Tarkov Guide


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Farming - Part 1 Quest in Escape From Tarkov Guide

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The Farming - Part 1 quest is given by trader Sergey Arsenyevich Samoylov, who goes by his alias, Mechanic.
The mission takes place in the factory and players will have to be at least level 12 or beyond to start this quest.
This is your ultimate guide to completing the Farming - Part 1 quest in Escape From Tarkov.

Completing quests in Escape From Tarkov is the way to pick up rewards and XP in the game. Ever since the recent wipe, players are grinding hard to get back into the game with the same resources and rewards. Farming - Part 1 is one of the first missions players will come across.

The mission is given by Sergey Arsenyevich Samoylov, who goes by his alias, Mechanic. This quest takes place in the Factory location. In this guide, we'll help you complete Farming - Part 1 Quest in Escape From Tarkov.

Farming - Part 1 Quest Guide in Escape From Tarkov

Players participating in this quest must be at least level 12 or beyond. The quest takes place on Factory. All you have to do is use Toolsets to fix up the control boards in the Factory. And after you are done, you have to safely survive and extract from that location to complete it. The quest is fairly straightforward and requires players to make use of a Toolset to complete this mission.

Objectives of the Farming - Part 1 Quest

The following objectives need to be fulfilled in order to complete this quest:

  1. Fix the first control board with a Toolset on Factory

  2. Fix the second control board with a Toolset on Factory

  3. Survive and extract from the location

How to Complete the Farming - Part 1 Quest in Tarkov

The first step towards completing the quest is finding the toolsets. There are a few ways in which you can do so.

How to Find a Toolset for Farming - Part 1 Quest

There are two ways in which you can acquire the toolsets for this quest:

  1. Barter Trade with Mechanic at Tier 1: This is a cost-effective method if you already have the items needed for the barter. Simply gather a Plier, screwdriver, Wrench, Insulating Tape, and Construction Measuring Tape, then exchange them with Mechanic for the coveted Toolsets.

  2. Search for them in hidden caches: Some of the places where you can try your luck are Technical Supply Crates, Sports Bags, Jackets, and the Dead Scavs. It is important to keep in mind that toolsets are rare and it might be a little difficult to locate them.

Now that you have your toolsets, let us move on to completing the rest of the quest.

Players can complete this quest in both day and night Factory variants. Head to Factory and plant each toolset at panels with blinking lights. There are three locations in total, but the ones you need to focus on are on the main floor. Placing each set will take 20 seconds. Make sure to keep the interaction key (F) pressed during this time. However, know that it will leave you exposed.

The locations of the two control boards on the map are as follows:

The locations of the two control boards on the map. 

Your first location is the room with yellow forklifts.

The room with yellow forklifts - the first location

The second is the nearby glass hallway with many small windows in a grid pattern. Survive inside the factory, fixing the control board. And then exit Factory to finish the quest.

The nearby glass hallway - the second location.

In case you die after repairing one panel, don't worry. You can simply survive a raid on the factory to complete the  "Survive and leave the area" objective and the quest.

To minimize risk, carry only one set of tools in your secure container and do two factory raids, placing one set each time. This way, even if you are killed, you won't lose both sets of tools.

Farming - Part 1 Quest Rewards in Escape From Tarkov

Upon completing the quest, players will be rewarded with the following:

  • +6,600 EXP

  • Mechanic Rep +0.02

  • 25,000 Roubles

  • 26,250 Roubles with Intelligence Center Level 1

  • 28,750 Roubles with Intelligence Center Level 2

  • 2× Light bulb

  • 2× Radiator helix

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