Can You Play Co-Op in Modern Warfare 3


Can You Play Co-Op in Modern Warfare 3? Everything You Need to Know

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Modern Warfare 3 is a direct sequel to MW2, following Task Force 141 and Captain Price back into the fray.
As the launch of MW3 is near, many players are left wondering if they can play the campaign with their friends in co-op.

The launch of Modern Warfare 3 is right on the horizon, set to launch globally on 10th 

November 2023. As the third entry in a reboot trilogy, 2023’s Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 campaign takes things up a notch with the introduction of the iconic villain, Makarov, and Open Combat Missions, giving players more choice-based mechanics. 

As is often the case, many players are left wondering: can you play co-op in Modern Warfare 3? It’s a feature that has become quite common in the past few years across multiple titles. Hence, it’s no surprise players want to know Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 is going to introduce it as well.

Here’s everything you need to know about co-op in Modern Warfare 3.

Can You Play Co-Op in Modern Warfare 3

Does the MW3 Campaign Offer Co-Op?

Short Answer: No. Although the Modern Warfare 3 campaign has changed some of its features, you still won’t be able to play the campaign with your friends. 

The Modern Warfare 3 campaign establishes itself as an all-out single-player experience where you continue the story where you left it in the previous game, Modern Warfare 2. You’ll come across various fan-favorite characters such as Ghost, Captain Price, Soap, Gaz, Makarov, Alejandro, and Gaz. Don’t think that MW3 is an RPG! It’s a mission-oriented campaign where you will play as a single character depending on what the game makes you do. 

Modern Warfare titles tend to be single-player campaign experiences, but there have been a few installments, such as Black Ops 3 and World at War, which have featured the co-op mechanic. It isn’t entirely clear if a future Call of Duty entry will ever have a feature like this ever again, but one can always hold out hope. We’ve seen Modern Warfare 2 getting Spec Ops and raids, which are basically co-op experiences. 

If you’re still itching to play the game with your friends, you can always try out the Zombies mode. It’s the closest thing you can get to having a co-op experience with some type of story attached to it. The game mode features several story elements and can be played with four players in your party. It’s not a traditional CoD campaign, but it can be enough for players who want to co-op with friends outside of multiplayer. 

And that’s everything you need to know about co-op in Modern Warfare 3. Be sure to follow us as we’ll keep you updated with the latest Modern Warfare 3 news and guides. 

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