Call of Duty: How to Fix the Travis-Rilea or 14515 Error in Modern Warfare 3?

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Call of Duty: How to Fix the Travis-Rilea or 14515 Error in Modern Warfare 3?</p></div>
Call of Duty: How to Fix the Travis-Rilea or 14515 Error in Modern Warfare 3?


Travis-Rilea or 14515 Error in Modern Warfare 3 is reported caused due to overloaded servers.
You can also attempt to switch from a wireless to a wired connection along with closing other apps and games that are bandwidth-heavy.

The recently released Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 (COD: MW3) is the third entry into the rebooted Modern Warfare sub-series developed by Sledgehammer Games. Similar to its predecessors, this title also showcases a detailed contemporary setting, featuring realistic weapons animations, player movement, etc. Players get access to 16 different maps revamped from the 2009 MW2 game, with the devs also planning to include 12 new maps through updates.

Although the game has a compelling single-player narrative and a fun zombie mode, veterans of the series will jump right into its enthralling multiplayer mode which allows them to boast their skills and climb up the leaderboards. Unfortunately, many gamers are plagued by error code 14515, infamously known as the Travis-Rilea error. Let’s take a look at possible solutions to resolve this.

Methods to Fix the Travis-Rilea or 14515 Error in Modern Warfare 3

Unfortunately, this error has been tormenting numerous players since the beta where you get kicked out from a running game. It also stops players before they even enter a match. This notorious error seems to occur when the servers are overcrowded, resulting in players not being able to queue up. Although there is no official solution provided by the devs, we can attempt the following steps to resolve this:

Check COD: MW3 Server Status

Since this issue is mainly caused by overloaded servers, make sure you check its status before jumping into the game. You can do so by accessing this official Activision page or by heading over to sites like Down Detector. If you find out that the servers are experiencing issues, you might have to wait for a while for it to be resolved.

Restart Your Router

Although the issue is known to be caused by servers, make sure things on your end are running smoothly as well. Restarting your modem might just do the trick sometimes and if you are unable to do so on your own, you can simply contact your ISP and ask them to reconfigure it.

Doing so eliminates any sort of instability from your internet connection and helps you maintain consistent speeds.

Restart COD: MW3

Even though it seems like an obvious measure to take, several players have reported that re-launching the game actually works and allows you to jump into an online match. You can also try rebooting your console or PC and then opening MW3.

Contact Activision Support

If all else fails and you are repeatedly facing the Travis-Rilea error, head to the Activision Support page and report an outage. Keep in mind that doing so will require you to mention your platform along with your country, postal code, and ISP.

Those are pretty much all the methods you can deploy to fix the Travis-Rilea or 14515 Error in Modern Warfare 3. Head to this official MW3 page if you are dealing with other such persistent issues that require troubleshooting. 

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