Best Snipers with Loadouts to Use in COD: Mobile Season 11 (2023)


Best Snipers and Loadouts to Use in COD: Mobile Season 11 (2023)

Ahsan Kabir
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Equip yourself with the best snipers with these suggestions and dominate the ranked arenas.

Sniping in Call of Duty: Mobile (COD Mobile) demands accuracy, expertise, and the appropriate gear. As the game progresses each season, selecting the correct sniper rifle grows more crucial for victory. In COD Mobile Season 11, here are the five best snipers to incorporate into your loadouts, complete with their suggested setups.

Best Snipers with Loadouts for COD Mobile Season 11

1. DL Q33

Topping the charts for four years straight, the DL Q33 remains a dominant force. Its 369 milliseconds of ads time coupled with its versatility makes it a formidable choice. Equipped with FMJ, this sniper can penetrate various materials, making it ideal for strategic lineups in Search and Destroy (SND).

Recommended Builds:

  • Basic Build: No laser, suppressor equipped - an SND staple.

  • Fastest ADS Speed Build: Remove the mag and use a suppressor for lightning-fast aiming.

DL Q33 in COD: Mobile

DL Q33

2. Locus and Koshka - The Dynamic Duo

In a close tie for the second spot, the Locus and Koshka each offer distinct advantages. The Locus boasts a slower 381 milliseconds ads time but compensates with exceptional stopping power mag capabilities. Meanwhile, the Koshka strikes a balance between the DL Q33 and the Outlaw, boasting DL Q33 hitboxes with faster ads speeds.

Recommended Builds:

  • Locus: Stopping power mag recommended for optimal performance.

  • Koshka: Utilize its fast aim laser for superior accuracy.

Locus loadout in COD: Mobile

Locus loadout

3. Outlaw - The Precision Test

Sitting at number three, the Outlaw demands mastery. With a challenging 315 milliseconds ads time, it requires precise crosshair placement. While lacking wall penetration capabilities, its fast-paced gameplay potential offers a learning curve beneficial for improving sniping skills.

Recommended Build:

Outlaw Loadout in COD: Mobile

Outlaw Loadout

4. HDR - The Tactical Sniper

Claiming the fourth spot, the HDR stands out for its consistent one-shot kill capabilities within a 45-meter range. Although slower at 408 milliseconds ads time, its low flinch and extended breath-holding duration cater well to a more strategic, patient playstyle.

Recommended Build:

HDR Loadout in COD: Mobile

HDR Loadout

5. MK2, SPR, and Kilo Bolt Action - The All-Rounders

Sharing the fifth spot are the MK2, SPR, and Kilo Bolt Action, each excelling in unique ways. The SPR offers versatility with scopes, while the MK2 and Kilo Bolt Action shine without them. However, the MK2's reloading can be a downside compared to the others.

Recommended Builds:

  • MK2 and Kilo Bolt Action: Customize with preferred attachments like suppressors or red dots.

  • SPR: Opt for a scope or tactical foregrip for reduced flinch.

Your choice of sniper rifle should align with your playstyle and proficiency. Each weapon has its strengths and weaknesses, catering to different in-game scenarios. Experimentation and practice with these loadouts will ultimately define your sniping prowess in COD: Mobile Season 11.

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