Best Operator Skins in Valorant (2023)


Best Operator Skins in Valorant (2023)

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Operator is one of the deadliest and trickiest long-range rifles in Valorant.
Using skins when you have mastered Operator is a feeling like no other.
Here is our list of some of the best Operator skins in Valorant.

Valorant is a tactical shooter video game that is all about using the right abilities and aiming accurately. The game offers a variety of guns that you can choose from. One of the most fascinating and deadliest of these is the Operator, a one-shot, long-range rifle. Players who are big on shooting in style and flying across in ecstasy after getting a kill are the ideal users of this gun. With practice, this can become your go-to weapon in every round. 

While buying Operator every round is already quite devastating on your creds, it becomes worth it if you are a sniping master or if you have a flashy skin to boast. Valorant has a wide range of skins for Operator that you can choose from. Using skins not only motivates you to get kills but also allows you to flex after you slash all your enemies with your skills. 

Let us take a look at some of the best Operator skins that Valorant has added to its store.

Top Operator Skins in Valorant That Are Worth the Money

Keep in mind that this list is totally subjective and your preferences could be totally different. Having said that here are some of our favorite Operator skins in Valorant:

Elderflame Operator

This is easily one of the best-known skins that Valorant has ever introduced, quite distinct due to its dragon-themed design. The in-game animation as well as the finisher add a charming sense of victory and rigor that is topped off with its animation audio. Whenever you reload the gun or equip it, the elegant dragon appears in animation, devouring the bullets, ready to take down your enemies. 

The finisher features a dragon that appears above the last dead enemy and unleashes a breath of fire on them, turning them to ashes. 

This skin was introduced as part of the Elderflame collection in 2020. You can always purchase the skin during the night market or on special occasions at a discounted price since it is quite expensive. The entire collection costs 9900 Valorant Points (VP), while the Operator alone costs 2475 VP.

Forsaken Operator

This rustic and metallic combination of white and gold is a skin like no other. The aura of mystique that it radiates is also seen in its very gothic finisher. As soon as you shoot the last enemy, they kneel down in surrender, angelic wings appearing on the agent, which soon fade away as a murder of ravens flies past the character into thin air. The variant of white and gold is quite exquisite, while its base variant in a gradient of silver is equally fascinating, with a distinct, sleek aesthetic. 

The audio design is quite fitting for the skin, along with the colored lenses that add a tinge of pop colors to these retro-designed, gothic guns.

This skin was introduced in Episode 2 of Act 3 and has become an instant hit. It is part of the Forsaken collection, which costs 7,100 VP, while the Operator skin alone costs 1775 VP.

Sentinels of Light Operator

Boasting a vintage and elegant aesthetic, this skin was introduced in connection with another Riot Games iteration, League of Legends. Prior to this, the Ruination skin bundle was also released, alluding to the lore of Viego, the Ruined King. This was part of the Sentinels of Light event, where the two worlds collided yet again. This skin adorns a stellar appearance embellished with relic stones and a mesmerizing sound design. The equipping, reloading and finishing sound design are also quite splendid.

Sentinels of Light

Riot Games

The finisher features a kneeled enemy whose soul is sucked into a portal hanging above the enemy like a divine halo. The golden light falls on the enemy as the portal and the area surrounding the enemy is covered in patterned designs. In the background, a low-pitched violin plays in tones of melancholy as the new round begins. 

The entire bundle was introduced a while after Ruination, in 2021. If you are planning to purchase the bundle, it will cost you 8700 VP, while the Operator itself is priced at 2175 VP.

Prelude to Chaos Operator

If there is any skin that takes the ‘Valorant is sci-fi’ allegations too far, it’s the Prelude to Chaos skin collection. The appearance of this skin comes in a range of futuristic neon colors, finding their balance in a rotating orb in the center. The animation is not too distracting, yet quite marvelous. So, if you are just starting out with an Operator and want minimal animation that is still quite motivating, Prelude to Chaos is definitely a smart pick. 

The skin is aptly named since the rotating ball in the middle is the root of all chaos and appears during reload and equip. The finisher is another fascinating animation, where radiating flames from the ground appear and suck the enemy in, and then fade away. 

This skin was introduced during Episode 5 of Act 1 and is an underdog when it comes to Valorant skins. The entire collection can be bought for 8700 VP, while the Operator costs 2175 VP.

These are the best skins for Operator in Valorant. While it is true that Operator itself costs a lot in the game, but having skins with well-played Operator gameplay is quite satisfactory, positively enhancing the gaming experience. 

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