Best Minecraft Seeds for Patch 1.19 in 2023

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Minecraft seeds allow players to experience detailed worlds and have a great time exploring.
Different seeds feature different terrains and can offer easier access to various resources for your playthrough.
New seeds are made possible through the addition of biomes in content updates.

Minecraft’s terrain generation has improved a lot over the years and the game can generate some of the most stellar environments we have ever seen in the game. Minecraft seeds allow players to experience detailed worlds and have a great time exploring. Choosing which seeds you want to explore in your Minecraft 1.19 playthrough gets easier when you know what the best seeds are right now. Here are our picks for the top seeds in Minecraft 1.19 that you should check out.

Savannah and Desert Jungle

If you love biomes that have thick jungles and plenty of buried treasure, the Savannah and Desert Jungle seed is worth checking out. The seed features a giant forest right next to a desert and there are plenty of exploration opportunities within the seed. 

Savannah and Desert Jungle Seed: -184311627141651860

Badlands Mountain 

If you love the Mad Max setting featuring post-apocalyptic environments in valleys and deserts, you will love the Badlands Mountain seed in Minecraft patch 1.19. The badlands area is surrounded by a desert from all sides.

Badlands Mountain Seed: -932245979383499761

Coastal Rock Formation

If you enjoy a mix of forestry and water exploration, the Coastal Rock Formation seed offers you the best of both worlds. You can explore underwater for buried treasure and shipwrecks while the land is laden with ruins and portals. 

Coastal Rock Formation Seed: 5662255238676129291

Easy Diamonds

If you want a more utilitarian seed that has caverns full of important metals and resources, the Easy Diamonds Seed is one of the best for farming purposes. There are holes in the ground that you can get into and explore for hours without getting bored.

Easy Diamonds Seed: -4361528937055201680

Deep Dark Ancient Cities

One of the biggest content additions in the 1.19 update was the Deep Dark biome. This seed has large ancient cities hidden underground and you can access it via a Dark Forest in the surface area. 

Deep Dark Ancient Cities Seed: -2909343002793827664

Seeds are simply templates for game worlds and it is your imagination that defines the limits of what you can do within each Minecraft seed.

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