Best KV Broadside Loadout in Modern Warfare 2


Best KV Broadside Loadout in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

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The KV Broadside is a semi-auto 12-gauge shotgun is making waves in the Modern Warfare 2 meta.
While the weapon is not viable in Warzone 2.0, it is very potent in the Modern Warfare 2 meta.
Pairing the weapon with an assault rifle or SMG is your best bet.

The KV Broadside is one of the newest additions to the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 arsenal in Season 2 and it has already become a fan-favorite. The semi-auto 12-gauge shotgun is making waves in the Modern Warfare 2 meta and you should be using it right now if you enjoy using shotguns for close-range encounters. Here is our recommended KV Broadside loadout for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. 

Best KV Broadside Modern Warfare 2 loadout

While the KV Broadside might not be well-suited for Warzone 2.0 due to the low range, it is a perfect weapon for multiplayer gameplay in Modern Warfare 2. Here are the attachments that you want for the loadout: 

  • Muzzle: SA MX-50

  • Laser: Point-G3P 04

  • Underbarrel: Merc Foregrip

  • Magazine: 25 Shell Drum

  • Bolt: Dashbolt 60

KV Broadside loadout in Modern Warfare 2

If you have been keeping up with loadout trends, both the bullet velocity and damage range stats are equally important and it should be your goal to optimize the stats as much as possible.  The most important part of the loadout is the SA MX-60 muzzle which offers the most bullet velocity, damage range, and recoil smoothness possible from a single attachment. 

We then follow up with a Dashbolt 60 for more fire rate, which helps greatly in making the weapon feel better despite its semi-auto nature. Finally, the Point-G3P 04 and Merc Foregrip combo gives you the best hip-fire possible on the weapon. Shotguns are meant to be hip-fired and the KV is no exception.

Here are our recommended perks for the KV Broadside:

  • Base Perk 1: Overkill

  • Base Perk 2: Battle Hardened

  • Bonus Perk: Fast Hands

  • Ultimate Perk: High Alert

  • Lethal: Flash Grenade

  • Tactical: Stim

Overkill has been a dominant base perk since the release of Modern Warfare 2 and it comes as no surprise that we make use of it in the loadout. Fast Hands and Overkill are the only two must-have perks if you pair the weapon with something like the TAQ or ISO Hemlock. The ultimate and bonus perks are best left to personal preference so you can make changes in those slots based on what you enjoy using.

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