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Apex Legends Stickers in Season 18: How to Unlock, Cost and More

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he new season promises a lot of exciting additions to the game, along with the best battle pass till date.
Along with this, players can also equip stickers to decorate their loadout.
Here is a guide to help players understand more about stickers.

Apex Legends is making a return with a new season, and fans are hyped up. This new season promises tons of exciting additions to the game, including the best battle pass to date. The new season features a Revenant rework, major balance changes, collection events and much more. Along with this, Apex Legends is also adding a whole new range of stickers. First introduced in season 15, they have slowly become fan favorites. 

How to Unlock Stickers in Apex Legends?

Stickers are the newest item addition to Apex Legends, first introduced in season 15. They are little cosmetic items that add a creative flair to your loadout. However, these stickers cannot be used on weapons. Many believe them to be similar to holosprays, not just in their cute designs but also in their price. 

While players cannot decorate their weapons with these cute stickers, they can still admire them by applying them to in-game consumables like the Shield Cell, Shield Battery, Phoenix Kit, and on the Health Injector. 

Surprisingly, it can be hard to get your hands on these Apex Legends stickers. This is especially true if players want to acquire a specific sticker. They can be unlocked by purchasing a special sticker loot box from the store. Other ways to unlock them are through battle pass purchases or event stores. Unfortunately, stickers are not yet available in the general loot pool.

Thematic Sticker packs will cost players 300 Apex coins, which is equivalent to $3 USD. Follow the given instructions to use stickers in Apex Legends.

  1. On the top bar on the lobby screen, click on ‘Loadout’

  2. Then, go to the ‘More’ tab that you can see below

  3. Choose a health item that you want to add a sticker to

  4. Navigate through your options and add your sticker

To date, Apex Legends has released Series 001, 002 and 003 of stickers. It is speculated that in the upcoming seasonal updates, more stickers will be introduced.

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