Apex Legends Season 18 Ranking System Explained

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Apex Legends Season 18 improves upon the Season 17 ranked system that was heavily criticized by players.
The entry cost for all ranks is now -50 Ladder Points (LP) when you start off and the entry cost is steeper at higher ranks.

Apex Legends Season 18 seeks to improve upon the heavily criticized Season 17 system. Season 17 heavily incentivized ignoring fights completely and there were instances of players hitting Predator with 0 damage done. Things have improved this season but not taking fights is still a surefire way of climbing ranks slowly but surely, which is something that will not be addressed until Season 19. The number of Master players has gone down significantly but only time will tell if over a million players make it to Master this season like they did in Season 17.

What are the ranked bonuses in Apex Legends Season 17?

There are three bonuses that you can earn to increase your ladder points: 

Elimination Bonuses are given when your team eliminates other players. This bonus is individually calculated and multiple eliminations against the same players are discarded. Your personal individual kills, assists, and participations are taken into consideration. In addition the Assist Timer has been increased from 15 seconds to 30 seconds. 

Rating Bonuses are given when your hidden matchmaking rating (MMR) greatly outperforms your Ladder Points, helping you catch up to where the system believes you should be. 

Skill Bonuses are given when your team interacts with a stronger opponent or performs exceptionally in an unfavorable match.

Why is your Apex Legends MMR hidden?

Points aren’t visible to other players. You won’t be able to see your teammates' or opponents’ MMR during a Ranked match, but your personal MMR can be viewed.

MMR is built to match you with other players of similar skill—to give you a challenge but still a fair shot at winning a match. Keeping MMR hidden also makes it harder to abuse the system with Kill farming or intentionally dying, and protects less-skilled players against smurfing.

What is LP or Predator cap in Apex Legends?

There is no LP (Ladder Points) cap in Apex Legends but the higher you are in Predator ranks, the less points you get per kill or assist so points will stagnate around the 100,000 LP mark.

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