Apex Legends Pick Rates: Most Popular Legends in Season 19


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Apex Legends Pick Rates: Most Popular Legends in Season 19

Aditi Joshi
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Here are all the Apex Legends characters ranked in order by their pick rate.
The data is taken from the Apex Legends stats, with a data of 26.8 million people.

When Apex Legends first entered the gaming landscape, it brought forth eight characters, unique to each other, for players to master. But fast forwarding to the present, this roster has expanded to 25 colorful and exciting characters. The recently added member of this roster is Conduit in Apex Legends Season 19. 

It is always interesting to know which characters continue to be the most popular, with the highest pick rate. Lucky for us, the data is in and we finally know the most popular Legends of Season 19. 

Topping the list is the offensive and defensive equivocator, Octane, with a pick rate of 9.9% across players of all ranks. His abilities fit like a glove in any situation, whether you are going solo or working with a team. Let us take a look at the rest of the characters and their pick rates. Before starting, keep in mind that Conduit is a debuting character and the pick rates for her could be inflated. 

Most popular Legends in Season 19

Thanks to Apex Legends Status, we have the pick rates for all the Apex Legends characters. This is based on data derived from 24.8 million players in the Apex Legends database. The ratings and the rankings are as follows:

  1. Octane – 9.9%

  2. Pathfinder – 9%

  3. Wraith – 8.5%

  4. Conduit – 8.1%

  5. Horizon – 7.7%

  6. Bangalore – 7.2%

  7. Bloodhound – 5.5%

  8. Lifeline – 4.8%

  9. Revenant – 4.7%

  10. Fuse – 4.7%

  11. Loba – 4.2%

  12. Valkyrie – 2.8%

  13. Wattson – 2.6%

  14. Ash – 2.5%

  15. Mirage – 2.5%

  16. Mad Maggie – 2.2%

  17. Caustic– 2.1%

  18. Catalyst – 1.8%

  19. Vantage – 1.8%

  20. Rampart – 1.7%

  21. Ballistic – 1.5%

  22. Crypto – 1.4%

  23. Gibraltar – 1.3%

  24. Newcastle – 1%

  25. Seer – 0.6%

Octane and Pathfinder continue to top the list, dominating the player base with their popularity. While Octane’s fast-paced moves thrill the players, Pathfinder has retained its position among the top-five picks in Apex Legends. 

Wraith, Conduit, and Horizon make a strong trio, securing their spots in the top five most picked Legends. Wraith has been a fan favorite since day one and she is in the third spot with an 8.5% pick rate. She's not just an iconic Legend but also a significant player in tough situations, excelling in offense and defense.

The new character, Conduit, boasts a solid 8.1%, claiming the fourth position in Season 19. Players are drawn to her lively personality and support skills, welcoming the new Legend with open arms. 

Horizon takes the fifth spot with a 7.7% pick rate. Debuting since the seventh season, she's been a force to be reckoned with. Thanks to her mobility and aggressive plays, she lets her team quickly reach high ground for strategic attacks. 

So, these are the most played characters of Apex Legends Season 19, highlighting that quick-paced, rapid and aggressive gameplay never goes out of style!

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