Apex Legends Care Package Weapons


Apex Legends Care Package Weapons in Season 10

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The Spitfire will be making an entry into the care package in Apex Legends Season 10 according to Gamespot.
The Prowler Burst AR will be taken out of the care package and be added to the world loot pool.
The Selecfire on the Prowler will not be available, forcing players to stick to burst fire only.

Apex Legends Season 10 is set to receive a massive weapon overhaul in its care package loot pool. According to a report by Gamespot, Prowler is being removed from the care package and it will be replaced by the Spitfire. However, Respawn Entertainment will not be bringing back the Prowler’s full auto mode and players will be restricted to using the weapon in burst fire. The Selectfire Receiver will be removed from the weapon and it is unknown if it will be added back to the game as part of a future update. Here is a look at all of the care package weapons in Apex Legends Season 10.

Care package weapons in Apex Legends Season 10


The Kraber is a divisive weapon in the Apex Legends community and it will continue to stay in the care package with its one-shot capabilities, making it the only weapon to never be rotated out of the care package loot pool. In Apex Legends Season 10, there are no changes being made to the Kraber and it will still be able to one tap enemies on headshots. While some players want the Kraber removed from competitive, it is unknown if Respawn will make changes to the most lethal weapon in all of Apex Legends.

Spitfire LMG

According to Gamespot’s report, the Spitfire is being moved to the care package. The weapon has been very controversial in the past couple of seasons after it received some much-needed buffs. However, Respawn may have taken things a bit too far and it feels over-tuned. The weapon is finally being rotated out of the normal loot pool and it will be available as a care package-exclusive weapon next season. It remains to be seen if Respawn tweaks damage numbers of the weapon or leaves it in its current state.

Triple Take

Triple Take will continue to be in the care package after it was recently removed from the standard loot pool. The weapon was also changed to be a part of the marksman category instead of being classified as a sniper. While it continues to be a solid weapon, it does not feel the same with a 2-4X mid-range scope instead of the usual sniper scopes players have been using for years up until last season.

The Prowler will be back in the world loot pool in Apex Legends Season 10 and fans of the assault rifle will be happy to have it back. However, the lack of the Selectfire hop-up will force players to stick to its burst-fire mode, making it compete with the Hemlok.

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