Apex Legends: All Ranked Changes in Season 19


Apex Legends: All Ranked Changes in Season 19

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Season 19 of Apex Legends is shaping up to be a game-changer with significant ranked system improvements.
The introduction of Promotional Trials will add a unique challenge for players, ensuring that rank progression reflects skill.
The removal of premade rank restrictions and LP adjustments will make for a more flexible and rewarding ranked experience.

As Apex Legends gears up for its 19th season, Respawn Entertainment is introducing several significant changes to the game's ranked mode. With the addition of the new legend Conduit, map updates, and weapon adjustments, Season 19 promises to be an exciting and transformative experience for players. In this article, we'll break down all the ranked changes coming to Apex Legends in Season 19.

Promotional Trials: A New Challenge

One of the most significant additions to the ranked mode is the introduction of Promotional Trials. These trials are designed to ensure that players truly earn their ranks. When you reach the top of a rank tier, such as Gold I, you will need to complete a set of challenges to progress to the next rank, like Platinum IV. The challenges range from winning matches and achieving a certain number of kills to finishing in the top five and securing consecutive finishes.

The introduction of Promotional Trials aims to maintain a minimum skill level for each ranked tier, preventing players from advancing simply through passive play or "ratting." If players fail to complete these trials, they may face a demotion to a lower rank, fostering a more competitive environment in ranked gameplay.

No More Premade Rank Restrictions

In Season 19, Respawn Entertainment is eliminating the restrictions on premade ranks. This means that players can team up and play with friends regardless of their rank. Whether you are a Master rank player or a Silver rank player, you can now join forces and participate in ranked matches together. This change promotes a more flexible and enjoyable gaming experience for players who want to team up with friends.

Apex Legends Season 19

Ladder Point (LP) Changes

Ranked progression in Season 19 will also see changes to the calculation of Ladder Points (LP). In the previous season, LP scoring was conservative, making it feel like a grind for many players. With the addition of Promotional Trials, LP scoring will be adjusted to be more generous. This adjustment aims to make climbing the ranks more enjoyable and less of a tedious grind. Players who consistently perform well and secure kills will benefit from this change as they progress through the ranks.

Map Rotation

For the first half of Season 19, the map rotation in Apex Legends will feature Storm Point, Olympus, and Broken Moon. These maps will be available for both ranked and non-ranked modes. Map rotations can significantly impact gameplay strategies and the overall experience, so players can expect fresh challenges and tactical opportunities in the upcoming season.

These changes promise to create a more competitive and balanced environment for players of all skill levels. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or just starting your journey in the game, Season 19 has something exciting in store for everyone.

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