All Quadcrasher Locations in Fortnite Season OG


All Quadcrasher Locations in Fortnite Season OG

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The Quadcrasher is a fan-favorite vehicle in Fortnite mainly due to its “Boost” function which propels you forward blisteringly fast.
This vehicle can be really potent as it can help you destroy any enemy builds and tear through most structures present in the game.
You will find the Quadcrasher in 13 different locations on the original map.

With the release of the Fortnite OG update, Epic has brought back the famous Quadcrashers which is considered to be one of the best vehicles if you are into performing stunts. It was first introduced during the Corruption which took over Chapter 1 Season 6 of the game and it allows players to quickly move from one location to another. Numerous players are fans of the “Boost” functionality which allows the ATV to thrust forward at insane speeds, allowing you to perform numerous tricks, ram through different structures or even carry out hit-and-runs on your enemies. If you are jumping back into the game eager to ride the Quadcrasher again, here are all the locations where you can find these notorious vehicles.

Here Are All the Quadcrasher Locations in the Fortnite OG Map

Thankfully, finding this notorious stunt machine across the map is easier than riding one at full boost. You will find this at 13 different locations on this original map. These are:

  1. Dusty Divot: You will find one parked right outside the Dusty Diner.

  2. Fatal Fields: Players might run into one spawned in the general vicinity.

  3. Flush Factory: You end up with two Quadcrashere here, one near the large wooden chair beside the Flush Factory and one adjacent to the factory.

  4. Greasy Grove: This is where you will find an abundance of these vehicles in the area next to the store. You can apparently find up to eight of them in the Grove.

  5. Loot Lake: You will find one near the eastern border while the other one is located to the south of the stream. You may also find another one spawn at random.

  6. Lonely Lodge: Players might run into two of these Quadcrashers right outside the central lodge.

  7.  Haunted Hills: Exploring the hill on the south may reveal one or two Quadcrashers that are ready to go.

  8. Pleasant Park: Once you find the first one near the motel on the northeast, you might run into two more in the same surroundings.

  9. Paradise Palms: Apart from finding one at the central spot of the Palms, you might find a couple more in the northwest mountain and at Truck ‘N’ Oasis.

  10. Risky Reels: You might usually find one sitting beside a house at the west

  11. Tilted Towers: Apart from the one in the Football Stadium, you will also find another crasher outside the city limits.

  12. Tomato Temple: Locating this vehicle in this area requires you to search inside the inner-city area.

  13. Junk Junction: You will stumble into one parked among the scraps.

Those are pretty much all the locations where you might find a Quadcrasher. Keep in mind that the exact locations of these vehicles might slightly differ as the game spawns objects and in-game items in a random order before every match begins. 

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