All Pop Culture Crossovers & Celebrity Collaborations in Fortnite

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All Celeb Collaborations in Fortnite


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Fortnite has collaborated with a variety of celebrities, anime, TV shows, among others to bring a range of pop culture phenomena to their audience.
Starting with a promo for the Marvel Cinematic Universe movie called The Infinity War, the series of collabs began and still continues to be a fan-favorite feature of the game.
In this article, we’ll share all the collaborations that Fortnite has done with TV Shows, Marvel, DC, celebrities and more.

Fortnite has been well-known for iconic collaborations with different avenues of media, ranging from anime to Marvel and DC comics to popular influencers and celebrities. Every crossover brings forth a remarkable range of skins, emotes, banners, weapons, etc. Anything relevant in the pop culture gradually makes its way into the Fortnite world with a collaboration. 

While Fortnite has collaborated with a huge number of TV shows, anime, celebrities, etc, most of it can be seen by the end of Chapter 4. Having a crossover from a diverse range of pop culture phenomena allows different fans to enjoy different things in this Battle Royale.

From Stranger Things to Marvel, and from celebrities to TikTokers, Fortnite has a wide range of collaborations. If you are unable to keep track of all these collaborations, worry not, because we are sharing a list of all celeb collabs that have taken place in Fortnite. 

Fortnite X Marvel Collaboration

The crossover saga with Fortnite began with the promotion of the movie Infinity War from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So, it is obvious that we start by mentioning this iconic and fan-favorite pop culture phenomenon. The following are other Marvel collaborations that Fortnite has had over the years:

Fortnite X DC Collaboration 

Following the Marvel collab, Fortnite has also collaborated with DC quite often, allowing DC fans to experience the characters in a new world. This popular collaboration has sparked the famous DC vs Marvel conversations as well, letting fans wonder which one of the two is better.

Fortnite X Anime Collaboration

Fortnite is quite popular for its collaborations with different anime series. This enchanting crossover between anime and Fortnite introduces a themed-layout in the game as well as allows anime fans to experience their favorite characters outside of the anime scene.

Fortnite X Content Creators

This list contains all the Fortnite collabs that took place between the game and online content creators. This includes some prominent names in the YouTube and game streaming community like Mr Beast, Lachlan, Ninja, Khaby Lame, etc.

Fortnite X Celeb Crossovers

This list contains all the Fortnite collabs that took place with online social media personalities, Hollywood actors, musicians and famous sportspersons.

Other Fortnite Crossovers & Collaborations

This list contains all the other Fortnite collabs not categorized in any of the above categories.

Recently, Fortnite welcomed seven-time Formula 1 world champion Lewis Hamilton to its illustrious "Icon Series" skin collection.

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