All Guns and Skins in the Ruin Collection in Valorant


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All Guns and Skins in the Ruin Collection in Valorant

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Valorant boasts some of the most memorable skins that are major hits amongst players.
The Ruin bundle, one of the firsts, was introduced during Act 3 of Episode 1.
Here are all the weapons and items that are part of this collection.

Valorant's skin collection is undeniably impressive. Most collections boast an incredible amount of robustness and elegance. When you are on the battlefield fighting off enemies, you want to do it in style and there is no better way to flex your skills than to get your hands on a Valorant skin collection.

The cosmetic bundles have already amassed a big chunk of Valorant's discourse in the community. One of the most popular skin collections in Valorant is the Ruin collection.

The Ruin collection was first introduced with the IGNITION Episode 1: Act 3 Battle Pass. The collection boasts weapons edged with gold and studded with ruby stones. It has metallic curves that give it a royally gothic appearance, with the dagger adding a royal touch to the charming collection.

Here are all the weapons that are part of this bundle.

The Ruin Collection in Valorant

The Ruin Collection was introduced during the third act of the first episode in Valorant.

The collection is a soft blend of the sharp metallic curves that are elevated in style with the golden edges. Along with it are rubies studded on the gold, giving it a gothic yet royal appearance. The Ruin Dagger is one of the most impressive daggers in the game. It is a royal-esque item with an inward curve at the end of its blade. The dagger is an absolute beaut to look at as well as swing around whenever one is not holding a weapon.

Valorant Ruin Weapons Listed

The Ruin Dagger's design has been massively praised. Along with this attractive melee, the other weapons in the collection include:

  • Ruin Shorty

  • Ruin Guardian

  • Ruin Vandal

  • Ruin Marshal

  • Ruin Gun Buddy

How to Get Ruin Skins in Valorant

Introduced during Act 3 Episode 1, the skin was available as part of the battle pass. Players could purchase the entire battle pass for 16,000 Valorant Points (VP). However, to unlock these items, players would have had to gain a certain amount of XP and cross different tiers.

The following were the different tiers at which these weapons were available:

  • Ruin Marshal - Tier 1

Ruin Marshal - Tier 1
  • Ruin Card - Tier 4

Ruin Card - Tier 4
  • Ruin Spray - Tier 18

Ruin Spray - Tier 18
  • Ruin Shorty - Tier 20

Ruin Shorty - Tier 20
  • Ruin Guardian - 30

Ruin Guardian - 30
  • Ruin Gun Buddy - Tier 44

Ruin Gun Buddy - Tier 44
  • Ruin Vandal - Tier 45

Ruin Vandal - Tier 45
  • Ruin Dagger - Tier 50

Ruin Dagger - Tier 50

While the battle pass was available exclusively in October 2020, it has since been pulled back. Unfortunately, there is no other way to get your hands on this bundle except for when it becomes available in a player's weekly Accessory Store or in the Night Market.

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