How to Fix Apex Legends' Tutorial Ultimate Not Working Bug



How to Fix Apex Legends' Tutorial Ultimate Not Working Bug

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  • There is a common bug in the Apex Legends tutorial where your ultimate ability does not work.
  • Repositioning your character on even ground often fixes the issue and allows you to complete the tutorial.
  • If you have already completed the tutorial in the past on your account, you can exit the training menu without issues.

The ultimate not working bug in Apex Legends’ tutorial is common, especially on console. There are some workarounds to fix it but if you have already tried restarting and run into the same issue, here are some tips that should help you. The ultimate not working bug in Apex Legends’ tutorial is prevalent on console and it is less likely that you will encounter it on PC.  Moving around the training area to call down the care package is the easiest workaround. Here is a rundown of how you can fix the ultimate not working bug in Apex Legends’ tutorial. 

How to Fix Apex Legends Tutorial Ultimate Not Working Bug

If your ultimate is not working in the Apex legends Tutorial, you can fix it by moving your legend around a little.

  1. Complete the basic movement guide 
  2. Slide down the hill to the supply bin
  3. Complete the menu checklist when Bloodhound asks you to open the supply crate
  4. Pick up the R-301 shoot at a few targets
  5. Complete the weapon guide and wait for Bloodhound to leave 
  6. Once Pathfinder spawns, head to his location
  7. After Pathfinder ends his conversation, revive DUMMIE 
  8. Once DUMMIE is revived, use your tactical ability to heal it 
  9. Go through the respawn tutorial
  10. After you respawn DUMMIE by grabbing its banner and using the respawn beacon, head to Pathfinder 
  11. Finally, this is where you will need to use your ultimate ability 
  12. If you are unable to place your ultimate, keep your ultimate deploy animation activated and move around 
  13. Try to find some flat ground where you can spawn your ultimate ability 
  14. If you have difficulty in finding a spot that works, head down the area towards the weapons and you should be able to call down your ultimate 
  15. Proceed with the rest of the training conversation and head to the lobby

Standing on flat ground or crouching can also make it easier to get past the ultimate not working bug in Apex Legends’ tutorial. If you are still unable to spawn your ultimate, you can consider aborting the training menu and restarting it. The issue is more persistent on consoles than on PC. 

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