Western Aegis Agenda: Wheelchairs, Stolen Phones, Drafting Disasters


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Western Aegis Agenda: Wheelchairs, Stolen Phones, Drafting Disasters

Vignesh Raghuram
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From a million-dollar drafting boo-boo that left everyone gobsmacked, to Team Spirit possibly hexed by a voodoo doll, the Western Dota 2 scene is plagued with a maraude of weird stories. We've also got some insights on ana’s genius gameplay and, drumroll please, Forsen has finally calibrated his Dota rank. Here’s the scoop on all the chaos and charm of this week’s Dota drama!

Oops! BetBoom's Accidental Lifestealer Pick Lights Up ESL One Birmingham 2024

Aydin "Insania" Sarkohi finally has some company. BetBoom Team learned the utter despair of a misclick during drafting at ESL One Birmingham 2024. In a memorable twist that could only be described as a "You had one job" moment, BetBoom Team accidentally selected Lifestealer, a hero they intended to ban, during their nail-biting series against OG, stunning viewers and themselves alike.

It was the second map, and tensions were high. The clock was ticking down, the ban phase was about to close, and BetBoom was poised to ban Lifestealer. However, in a frantic last-second scramble, they missed the ban window and found themselves in the picking phase with Lifestealer not just available but the late click now meant that he was now accidentally on their team. The official broadcast captured it all, immortalizing the moment Danil “Gpk” Skutin grabbed his head in shock, while Egor “Nightfall” Grigorenko’s expression painted a picture of disbelief and despair.

BetBoom after accidentally picking Lifestealer

ESL Dota 2

Thrown into the fray, MieRo took Lifestealer—an odd fit for an offlaner—into battle against OG. The result? A comedic clash that ended in a loss for BetBoom but won the hearts of fans for its sheer unpredictability. Not ones to be kept down, BetBoom rebounded in game 3, clinching the series 2:1. It was a blunder that started a saga, turning a facepalm moment into a fist-pump victory at ESL One Birmingham 2024.

The Zen of Ana: JerAx Spills the Secrets

Jesse "JerAx" Vainikka, a name synonymous with Dota 2 royalty thanks to his two wins at The International Dota 2 Championships, recently dished out some delicious details about his former teammate, the ever-unconventional Anathan "ana" Pham, in a chat with Duncan "Thorin" Shields. In a game ruled by discipline, ana danced to his own beat, turning every practice into an impromptu improv session.

"Working with ana requires understanding him as a person. Everyone is unique in how they allocate time for practice," JerAx explained, painting a picture of a practice session with ana as less of a drill and more of a wild card entrée "You can't force him to train. Sometimes he decides to just fool around during practice sessions. It's not out of boredom or anything; it's just that, for him, the stakes aren't always clear during routine practices."

JerAx delves deeper into the psyche of a player like ana, describing a need for more intense, stimulating experiences over the monotonous grind: "Some people struggle to maintain motivation. You practice to test new strategies, but really, you're itching to just get to the real tests."

OG had won TI8 and TI9 with N0tail, Ceb, Topson, ana, and JerAx

It wasn't that ana didn't understand the importance of practice for the team, but rather that he was more concerned with how he felt in the game, focusing on what he personally wanted to achieve during matches. This attitude led them to sometimes play unranked games, engaging in antics that might seem unthinkable for a professional esports athlete.

"But in the end, I believe he understands himself better than anyone else. If you keep pushing someone and they resist, something is off. He knows what's best for him," JerAx asserts, highlighting the team's approach to give ana the space and energy to be himself, especially on match days.

In a world obsessed with optimization and perfect plays, ana's freewheeling style was a breath of fresh air, reminding everyone that at the heart of Dota 2, the passion and fun are what truly matter.

Team Spirit's Curse: Chaos En Route to ESL One Birmingham 2024

It’s been a rough ride for Team Spirit, over the last few days. First, their captain, Yaroslav "Miposhka" Naideno, announced a dislocated kneecap from a football mishap, landing him in a wheelchair just days before ESL One Birmingham 2024. The captain's new ride? A set of wheels at the airport, signaling a bumpy start to their tournament.

But the misfortunes didn’t stop rolling there. Illya "Yatoro" Mulyarchuk got more than he bargained for on his trip, tangling with a thieving granny who tried to swipe his suitcase and losing his phone—all before even touching down.

“The grandma tried to swipe the suitcase, lost the phone on the plane, and the steward couldn't find it (it was lying on the seat). The flight was a success ✅,” he posted on Telegram.

Despite these setbacks, Miposhka kept spirits up, revealing some team therapy and a lot of heart-to-hearts. Yet, even with all the pep talks and psychological warfare, Team Spirit found themselves knocked out in last place. 

As they lick their wounds and pack up their gear—what’s left of it—it's clear that sometimes, the real battle is just making it to a Dota 2 tournament

Forsen's Dota 2 Debut: Crusader and Climbing

Twitch favorite Sebastian "Forsen" Fors, known for his Starcraft prowess, has ventured into Dota 2's battlefield, calibrating at a Crusader 1 rank. Streaming his calibration live, Forsen unveiled his rank amid cheers of "not Herald!" from his viewers—a relief for many who feared he'd land in Dota 2's lowest echelons.

Forsen's Dota 2 rank


With nearly 700 games and a 52.14% win rate, Forsen has quickly adapted to the offlane, favoring heroes like Legion Commander and Necrophos. His audience, who've eagerly followed his transition from Starcraft to the chaotic realms of Dota 2, find amusement and anticipation in his gameplay, often comparing him to Dota streamer Janne “Gorgc” Stefanovski for their uncanny resemblance.

While Forsen hasn't explicitly aimed for the top ranks yet, his fans are already hyping up his potential road to Immortal. Whether he'll rise to that challenge or keep his stream more casual is up in the air, but either way, Forsen's Dota 2 journey promises more laughs, strategy, and maybe a few epic fails.

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