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TI11’s Prize Pool is Projected to be the Lowest Since TI4

Ammar Aryani
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Valve was recently put on the spotlight due to multiple questionable decisions, which included the lack of content within The International 2022 (TI11)’s Battle Pass.
The decrease in sales meant that TI11’s prize pool has been drastically reduced making it the worst since 2014.

The International Dota 2 Championships are well known for having the biggest prize pool records in esports history. However, that might not be the case this year as the lack of Battle Pass sales of The International 2022 (TI11) have significantly reduced the prize pool when compared to previous TIs. The International’s prize pool is mainly crowdfunded by the community as 25% of all Battle Pass sales are added to the prize pool. However, a lackluster Battle Pass has reduced the overall sales, affecting the prize pool of TI11.

Here are some of the reasons why this year’s Battle Pass is slowly projected to be the lowest grossing battle pass.

Five Reasons Why T11’s Battle Pass is Failing

Lackluster Content within the Battle Pass

Many within the community have pointed out this specific issue from the start, as TI11’s Battle Pass was released with only half of the content. Some of the contents within this year’s Battle Pass, such as Crystal Maiden’s persona and Razor’s Arcana will only be released in the second part of the Battle Pass on 1st November.

To add on, this year’s Battle Pass has several items missing from last year such as customized creeps & terrain, arcana voting system, Battle Points wagering and more. The missing items might have made the Battle Pass unattractive this year for players as they feel that this year’s Battle Pass is ‘less worth’ than the last few years’.

No Time For Growth

Most of the Battle Passes there were released for the International were released in early June and July to allow players to have enough time to grind Battle Points during the summer break or other activities that comes with the Battle Pass itself. However, this wasn't the case with this year’s Battle Pass as it was released on the 1st of September which is barely a month and a half away from TI11.

TI11 Prize Pool Tracker

As a result, the sales of this year’s Battle Pass have drastically reduced compared to the year before.

No Battle Level Bundle Announcement

For players that actually bought the Battle Pass for the contents within, they would have to grind a lot of games while doing very specific quests in order to get enough Battle Points for their desired rewards. However, many of the rewards are out of reach for fans who cannot spend all day playing Dota 2.

Battle Level Bundle for Nemestic Event

Usually they would buy Battle Level Bundles to level up their Battle Passes efficiently. Unfortunately, this time, with Valve not yet announcing the Battle Level bundle, fans have not yet purchased it. The Battle Level Bundle would normally contain 60 Battle Level and a lot of Immortal Treasures and TI-themed Treasures and players would get to buy it twice for a bargain price.

If Valve introduces the Battle Level Bundle after TI11, the prize pool will not receive the usual bump it receives and will likely fall short of TI5’s.

Two Immortal Treasures instead of Three

Another reason behind the drop of Battle Pass sales could be attributed to the fact that there are only two Immortal Treasures instead of Three for this year’s Battle Pass. Normally, when it comes to The International Valve would usually release Three Immortal Treasures however it seemed like the developers had been cutting corners for this year.

Furthermore, the second Immortal Treasure will only be released after the conclusion of TI11 which will be at the start of November meaning that players would have to be satisfied with the first Immortal Treasure until then.

No Announcement of TI11’s Collector Cache Treasure.

Like the Battle Pass Bundle, Valve has not announced the Collector’s Cache treasure for this year’s TI11 Battle Pass as of now. Collector’s Caches are special Treasures that contain exclusive, untradeable cosmetic items. They can only be purchased during The International each year.

TI10's Collector Cache

As of now the Dota 2 developers have yet to release the cache despite TI11 starting next weekend with the Last Chance Qualifiers. However, with the submission phase for the Call to Arms workshop ending on 23rd October players might yet be able to see this year’s Collector’s Cache before the conclusion of TI11.

While Valve might release new content soon to soften the blow on the TI11 prize pool, do you think this year’s Battle Pass is the worst amongst all TI Battle Pass?

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