Interview With Squad1x: "More Dota, less team talk, and focus on your own performance."


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Interview With Squad1x: "More Dota, less team talk, and focus on your own performance."

Vignesh Raghuram
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In recent weeks, Eastern Europe has significantly risen in the global Dota 2 arena, evolving into a powerhouse region with a host of formidable and inventive teams capable of challenging the world's elite squads. At the forefront of this transformative wave stands Virtus.Pro, a team that symbolizes progress and innovation within the competitive landscape. Central to Virtus.Pro's ascendancy and innovative gameplay is Ilya "squad1x" Kuvaldin, the team's midlaner. 

In an interview with AFK Gaming, he shared his perspectives on Virtus.Pro's path to success and shed light on how the team has evolved through the season and managed to secure a 2nd place finish at the 1Win Dota 2 Spring, besting teams like Team Spirit and Team Liquid in its road.

How Squad1x and Plan to Shake Up the Dota 2 Scene

As the season unfolded, found themselves at a crossroads, seeking a path that would lead them to greater heights. It was then that Squad1x and his teammates stumbled upon a revelation that would redefine their approach to the game. "We found a new technique of practicing," Squad1x shared, reflecting the clarity of their newfound strategy. "More Dota, less team talk, and focus on your own performance." This simple yet profound adjustment sparked a transformation within the team, propelling them to victories that once seemed just out of reach.

Among these victories was a triumph over Team Spirit in the playoffs of the 1Win Dota 2 Spring, a feat that had eluded them for over two months and eight series until that moment. When asked about the secret to their success, Squad1x's response was grounded in realism. "Team Spirit was in bad form at that moment, we were just better at all." There was no single strategy or trick; it was a matter of being the better team when it mattered most.

Yet, not all battles were won, and the sting of second place at the 1Win Dota 2 Spring served as a reminder of the challenges still ahead. Reflecting on their performance, particularly against Entity, Squad1x acknowledged the room for improvement. "We could do better," he admitted, contemplating the strategic adjustments necessary for future conquests. "Try to change something and try to go even in all lanes, 50/50 at least, because we had this trouble in every game."

Looking to the horizon, Squad1x shared's ambitions for the remainder of the season. Their goal was not just to participate but to dominate. "We just want to get a high placement in other tournaments to get an invite for The International and Riyadh Masters." It was a statement of intent, a declaration of their aspirations to not just compete but to emerge victorious on the world stage.

Practice and European Pubs

For Squad1x, the path to maintaining a competitive edge was clear. "Every player has his own pubs count for competition to keep form up. I need about 60 for a week to be in a good zone." It was a personal regimen, tailored to his needs, highlighting the individual commitment required to excel at the highest levels of play.

In discussing the dominance of Europe in the Dota 2 scene, Squad1x pointed to a simple yet intractable challenge for other regions: the sheer volume of players. "There are many more players in Europe. I think other regions can't do anything to bridge the gap," he stated, recognizing the advantages conferred by Europe's bustling Dota 2 community.

Gameplay, Mechanics, and Matchmaking

On the subject of the game itself, Squad1x offered a rare compliment to the current state of Dota 2. "Dota is completely balanced at this moment. I won't change anything in gameplay," he affirmed, though he expressed a desire for improvements in matchmaking and the return of the avoid list, highlighting a focus on the community aspect of the game.

As our conversation drew to a close, Squad1x had a message for the fans, a testament to the role they play in the journey of "Thanks everyone for supporting me and This support motivates us to play," he said. 

With the future ahead, Squad1x and stand ready to face the challenges that await. "Bring back team form and crush all upcoming tournaments," he declared, his words not just a statement of ambition, but a promise to fans, teammates, and rivals alike making it clear that's story is far from over, and that Squad1x is determined to write the next chapter.

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