Interview With Ilya "CHIRA_JUNIOR" Chirtsov – Dota 2's Rising Midlane Star


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Interview With Ilya "CHIRA_JUNIOR" Chirtsov – Dota 2's Rising Midlane Star

Vignesh Raghuram
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In the bustling world of competitive Dota 2, few roles carry as much weight and expectation as the midlaner. For Ilya "CHIRA_JUNIOR" Chirtsov of 1win, this position is not just a role but a canvas, where each stroke is a tactical decision made under the spotlight of a global audience. AFK Gaming sat down with CHIRA_JUNIOR to peel back the layers of his journey, his thoughts, and his aspirations in the high-octane realm of esports.

Inside the mind of Ilya "CHIRA_JUNIOR" Chirtsov

The Genesis of CHIRA_JUNIOR

"I stumbled into the world of Dota 2 quite by accident," CHIRA_JUNIOR recalls with a chuckle. "I was at a friend’s house and just decided to give it a go on his setup. I can’t exactly recall how I gravitated towards playing mid. It might have been nothing more than a vibe—a feeling that this is where I could make my mark." This serendipitous encounter with Dota 2 set him on a path that would define his career. His entry into the game was not just a casual fling but a prelude to a burgeoning career that would soon take shape.

Battling Through Adversity

Transitioning from casual play to professional gaming, CHIRA_JUNIOR faced significant challenges. Reflecting on a particularly tough phase, he shares, "There was a match in the first division where I was completely outplayed, ending with a score of 0:7. It was a harsh lesson, but it taught me the importance of resilience. Each defeat became a stepping stone for improvement, pushing me to refine my skills and sync better with my team." This resolve to improve underscores his journey from a newcomer to a formidable midlaner.

CHIRA_JUNIOR’s Unique Playstyle

Despite these challenges, CHIRA_JUNIOR developed a distinct style that sets him apart in the fiercely competitive scene of Dota 2 midlaners. "I don’t like to beat creeps," he states simply. This unconventional approach prioritizes engagement over passive farming, a strategy that keeps his opponents guessing and his fans thrilled.

Inspirations and Aspirations

In discussing his role models and future aspirations, CHIRA_JUNIOR reveals a reflective side. When we asked about the players he looks up to, he cryptically says, "I may be looking up to someone else, but I'm not looking up to anyone else." 

As for his future goals, they are clear: "I want to win tournaments consistently." This ambition drives every practice session and every match he plays.

Life Beyond the Keyboard

Off the digital battlegrounds, CHIRA_JUNIOR engages in activities that keep his reflexes sharp and his mind clear. "I look for CS [Counter-Strike], play PUBG, and I used to be really into soccer," he shares. These hobbies provide a necessary distraction, helping him recharge and maintain his competitive edge. It's a crucial balance that supports his professional efforts and personal well-being.

A Message to the Fans

To his fans, CHIRA_JUNIOR offers a heartfelt thanks and a glimpse into his ambitions with 1win. "The support means everything to me. As for what’s next, we’re aiming to keep winning, keep growing, and keep making you all proud." This connection with his fans not only fuels his motivation but also grounds him in a sense of community and shared passion.

In the fluid and often unpredictable waves of the esports sea, CHIRA_JUNIOR stands as a beacon of dedication and innovation. For fans and foes alike, he is a player to watch, a strategist to study, and a competitor to respect.

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