Broodmother has the lowest win rate in Patch 7.32


Dota 2 Patch 7.32: Top 5 Heroes You Should Avoid Playing in Ranked

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Since the introduction of Dota 2 patch 7.32 over two weeks ago, some heroes have already started to stand out in open matches.
While some heroes have improved due to new buffs in the patch, there are also some losers that have been massively dropped by the community.
Here are the top five heroes that you should avoid playing in ranked.

It has been two weeks since the release of Dota 2’s Patch 7:32, where everyone has the opportunity to test out new hero mechanics as well as strategies for either pub games or the currently ongoing The International 2022 (TI11) Regional Qualifiers. While there are some heroes that have been the biggest winners of the current patch, there are also some heroes that were badly affected by the patch.

With that in mind, here is a list of five heroes that you should avoid playing in your pubs in patch 7.32.

Top Five Worst Heroes In Patch 7.32 According to Win Rate

5. Templar Assassin

Templar Assassin

While Templar Assassin (TA) continues to be picked in the professional scene, its win rate in pub games after the patch’s release has been awful for the last couple of patches. According to Dotabuff, Templar Assassin has one of the worst win rates in the current patch at 44% despite a small buff to her abilities in the new patch.

One of the main reasons why players tend to avoid picking TA during this patch might possibly be because of its compatibility with other heroes during the meta. However, in the hands of the right players TA might shine in pro matches despite its horrible win rate.

4. Monkey King

Monkey King

Monkey King is another hero that is commonly seen in the professional scene, however like TA, the hero is not having a great time in the current patch as the hero is ranked as the 4th worst hero of the patch according to Dotabuff, having a meager 44% win rate in all brackets.

Despite a rework on its Aghanim Shard upgrade, Monkey King was heavily nerfed in the last couple of patches which made teams rethink twice before picking him in the professional scene. Furthermore, Monkey King requires a very high prowess to play as a simple mistake could mean a very bad game for him as heroes such as Timbersaw could heavily counter him if he gets caught.

3. Pugna


Pugna finds itself as the hero with the third-lowest win rate at 44.70% in the newly released patch. Unlike the previous two heroes, Pugna has not been in the competitive scene for quite a while despite a massive buff to its Nether Blast and Life Drain abilities in Patch 7.32.

While Pugna saw a rework on its Aghanim's Scepter upgrade ability, where the cooldown was reduced to 50% as well as reducing the affected target hero's outgoing spell damage by 8% per second, up to 75%, it has been rarely been picked by teams in recent tournaments.

One of the reasons for the low win rate might be due to Pugna’s survivability in team fights, as Pugna’s Life Drain ability is a double-edged sword where he might be able to save an ally at the cost of his own which might end up backfired if he gets caught during team fights.

2. Nature's Prophet

Nature's Prophet

At number two, AdmiralBulldog’s signature hero finds itself as the second worst hero with the lowest win rate, dropping from 44% to an awful 40% following the Patch 7.32 patch release according to Dotabuff. Despite its occasional appearance in recent tournaments, pub players tend to avoid picking Nature’s Prophet in the new patch following its awful win rate.

Mostly known for his ratting potential, Nature’s Prophet received a rework in his Aghanim’s Shard ability as the new ability applies a curse on all non-invisible enemy heroes within 1200 range, revealing them in fog of war, slowing them, and causing damage over time.

However, it did not help Nature’s Prophet as players now have several tactics to counter him as well as alternative heroes for ratting, such as Chen and Beastmaster.

1. Broodmother


Arguably the biggest loser in patch 7.32, Broodmaster has the lowest win rate in the current patch, coming in at 42.38% according to Dotabuff. Despite a lot of buffs in the new patch, Broodmaster never made an appearance in recent tournaments such as PGL Arlington Major and ESL One Malaysia 2022.

Despite a buff in Spin Web and Silken Bola abilities, as well as a rework on her Aghanim Shard’s upgrade Broodmother is still not being picked up by teams as they figured Broodmother’s weaknesses might be more of a risk than her benefits.

One of the primary reasons for Broodmother's low win rate was that Broodmother’s Spiderling can be easily killed by any area of effect spells as well as Radiance, making Broodmother ineffective in team fights.

Even though patch 7.32 is still in its early stages, some of the mentioned heroes might be able to return to the competitive scene if Icefrog is generous enough to provide buffs but for now, it seems unlikely.

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