Asian Aegis Agenda: Dad Armel's Benchwarmers, Arteezy's Panda Eyes, and The Elite League


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Asian Aegis Agenda: Dad Armel's Benchwarmers, Arteezy's Panda Eyes, and The Elite League

Vignesh Raghuram
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This week in the wild world of Asian Dota 2, we've got a roster shuffle that reads like a livestreamfail drama, complete with a new dad on the bench and a fresh face taking center stage. Meanwhile, the Dota 2 peanut gallery, featuring Chalice and Somnus, delivers hot takes on Arteezy's aggressive laning and his latest fashion statement: panda eyes. Plus, the road to the Elite League 2024 heats up, promising a spectacle filled with underdog triumphs, heavyweight clashes, and even more hot takes. 

Aurora's Strategic Shuffle: A Fresh Midlane Approach

In the high-stakes kitchen of Southeast Asian Dota 2, Team Aurora has been cooking up something special, deciding it's time to change the recipe in the midlane. Armel "Armel" Tabios was benched by Aurora esports, paving the way for Artem "lorenof" Melnick to take the Filipino star’s place. 

Armel, known for his exceptional skill and strategic mind, has been a cornerstone for Aurora since its inception in November 2023, following his departure from Secret. This move came as a surprise to many, but it is quite understandable since the man who diced and sliced through mid lanes like a gourmet chef has recently taken on the greatest challenge of all: fatherhood.

However, the kitchen's fire remains ablaze with lorenof stepping in from the cold pantry to the hot stove as Aurora's new secret ingredient. Previously seasoning the team's gameplay as a stand-in at DreamLeague Season 22, Lorenof now dons the chef's hat full-time, ready to bring his unique flavor to the midlane. 

Lorenof's performance at DreamLeague was not merely filling in; it was a revelation. His aggressive playstyle and strategic acumen took the community by storm, showcasing that he could be the catalyst Aurora needs to rejuvenate their gameplay and strategies. This change comes at a crucial time when Aurora has faced challenges in qualifying for major tournaments, highlighting a period of introspection and tactical recalibration for the team.

The Arteezy Chronicles: Aggression, Panda Eyes, and Street Punk Vibes

Meanwhile, over in the land of Dota 2 gossip and banter, Yang "Chalice" Shenyi and Lu "Somnus" Yao have decided to moonlight as esports commentators with a side of comedy. Their target? Artour “Arteezy” Babaev’s unique blend of in-game aggression and his striking resemblance to a nocturnal animal. Not content with merely discussing Arteezy's laning tactics, which essentially boil down to "Why farm creeps when you can farm heroes?", they've turned their attention to his fashion statement — dark circles so pronounced, you'd think he's going for the panda look.

Chalice casually joked and remarked at Arteezy’s recent photo, “Arteezy used to be very handsome but now he has the vibe of a street punk.”


It's as if Arteezy's been battling not just in the lanes of Dota 2 but in the alleys of fashion, pioneering the sleep-deprived, street-punk aesthetic. former ViCi Gaming player Zhou "Yang" Haiyang, jumping on the bandwagon, added, "His eyes always had just dark circles, just like a panda." It seems the consensus is clear: win more games, look less like a nocturnal bear. 

Elite League 2024: Setting the Stage for SEA and China's Finest

The road to the Elite League 2024 has been paved with anticipation, strategy, and rigorous competition, particularly in the Southeast Asian (SEA) and Chinese Dota 2 scenes. The successful qualification of Talon Esports and Blacklist International from the SEA qualifiers, alongside Aurora's direct invitation, sets a compelling narrative for the region's representation. These teams, each with their own storied histories and dynamic rosters, are now poised to showcase their skills in the Swiss Stage of the tournament which features 16 teams in it. They will have to secure a Top 8 finish to make their way into the main tournament.

But the story doesn't end there; across the sea in China, KEV battled through the gauntlet of the Chinese qualifiers, earning the right to represent their region alongside three juggernauts — Xtreme Gaming, Azure Ray, and LGD Gaming — who were granted an all-access pass straight to the main event. This gathering of champions sets the stage for a showdown that could be an all timer.

The Elite League's format is a masterclass in tournament design, blending the relentless pressure of a modified Swiss-system with the strategic depth of round-robin play. From March 31 to April 4, 2024, sixteen teams will lock horns in the Swiss Stage, each vying for a spot in the coveted round-robin stage, where the air gets thinner and the competition fiercer. Only the top eight will advance, leaving no room for error and every match a do-or-die battle.

As if the Swiss Stage wasn't cutthroat enough, the Round-Robin Stage, running from April 5 to April 11, turns the heat up a notch. Here, teams are split into two groups of eight, each match a duel where strategies are tested, wills are bent, and legends are born. The top teams from each group will then advance to a playoff bracket that promises drama, heartbreak, and, for the victors, glory.

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