Asian Aegis Agenda: Ame's Downfall, TI2024's Green Light, and Blacklist's Roster Revamp


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Asian Aegis Agenda: Ame's Downfall, TI2024's Green Light, and Blacklist's Roster Revamp

Vignesh Raghuram
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This past week in Asian Dota 2 is filled with unexpected twists, uproarious missteps, and the kind of drama that would make even the most edgy Dota 2 hero (read Grimstroke) chuckle. From the highs of professional glory to the lows of the infamous "red days," the unveiling of The International 2024, and Blacklist International's roster rollercoaster have kept fans on the edge of their seats. Join us as we delve into a recap that promises laughs, gasps, and perhaps a few sympathies for our pro players. 

Ame's "Red Days" Stir the Dota 2 Community

Wang "Ame" Chunyu's recent match history looks like my attempt at cooking – a series of disasters with a few lucky breaks. Artour "Arteezy" Babaev, during one of his streams of Dota 2 (between all the gambling), couldn't help but spill his drink laughing when he discovered Ame's unfortunate streak of 41 losses out of 65 games. 

Ame, still revered as the finest carry player in China, now seems to be navigating through a Herculean set of trials, except without the divine powers or the cool lion skin. His recent endeavors in the game have been - let’s say less than ideal. 

This saga serves as a cheeky reminder that even Dota 2 gods can have their off days, or weeks, or... let's not count.

Despite this comedown, Ame's not throwing in the towel. He's been smashing it in the pro scene, snatching a third-place trophy at DreamLeague Season 22 with Xtreme Gaming - a struggling pub player by day and a pro scene conqueror by night. As Ame gears up for the ELITE League, fans are left wondering whether the comeback king will turn his "red days" into a green pasture of wins (wow guys he’s just like me).

The International 2024 Announced

The announcement of The International (TI) 2024 by Valve has ignited a flurry of excitement within the Dota 2 community. Set to take place in Copenhagen, Denmark, this 13th edition of the most coveted tournament in Dota 2 marks a return to tradition with an invite system complete with a set of qualifiers including open qualifiers, stirring up speculation and anticipation among fans and players alike. 

The International 2024 (TI 2024)

Dota 2

Dota 2 teams around the world are now like high school kids, obsessing over whether they'll be cool enough to get an invite. Will it be based on tournament placements, prize money won, or simply who has the coolest kids in its roster? Only Valve holds the keys to this exclusive club.

Furthermore, Valve's teaser indicating the green theme for this year's edition has sparked a wave of theories and excitement ranging from eco-friendly initiatives to celebrating St. Patrick's Day in the most elaborate way possible. On a serious note, it is likely linked to the regeneration rune, suggesting a focus on renewal and recovery, resonating with the community, especially after a year filled with uncertainties and challenges.

In the last green-themed TI we had, we saw OG become back-to-back champions at The International 2019, cementing their legacy in the annals of esports history. Will Team Spirit be able to do the same this year? Or perhaps an SEA or a China team will finally be able to rain in on the European parade we’ve had for the last six TIs?

Blacklist International Roster Shake-Up

Then we have Blacklist International, shaking up their roster in a move that's part surprise, part head-scratcher. They've roped in Jinn "Palos" Marrey P. Lamatao and Romel "Mzs" Quinteros Rojas, making their team composition more diverse than my Spotify playlist.

This decision, made just days before the Elite League: Southeast Asia Closed Qualifier, reflects Blacklist's commitment to revitalizing its roster and striving for success in the competitive circuit.

Blacklist International's MJZ

Blacklist International

Palos, after a successful trial run, has been officially welcomed into the fold. His role as the position 1 player is crucial, bearing the weight of expectations to lead the team to victory. The decision to bring in Mzs, on the other hand, is a testament to Blacklist's innovative approach, opting to blend the distinct playstyles and strategic mindsets from different regions. This cross-regional move, while uncommon, could provide the team with a unique edge, challenging the conventional dynamics of team composition and strategy in the region.

As Blacklist gears up for the Elite League, the Dota 2 community is grabbing their popcorn, ready to watch this ensemble cast either rise to glory or bumble through like a comedy of errors. Will this fresh mix of personalities script a success story, or will it be a season filled with comedic mishaps? Only time will tell, but one thing's for sure - it's going to be entertaining.

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