Aegis Agenda EEU Editon: Draft Debacles, Zen Mastery, and Barely-Bothered Victories


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Aegis Agenda EEU Editon: Draft Debacles, Zen Mastery, and Barely-Bothered Victories

Vignesh Raghuram
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Step right up to this week's whirlwind tour through the Eastern European Dota 2 landscape, featuring more unpredictability than the release date of Ringmaster (seriously, did Valve forget the hero or something?). Let's dive into the drafting dilemmas, mental-mutes, and zen-like states that have kept us on the edge of our seats this week.

The Rollercoaster Saga of BetBoom's Barely-Bothered Battle at DreamLeague

After BetBoom Team and OG squared off in what could only be described as an epic showdown in the DreamLeague Season 22 group stage 2, the series, which unfolded on the first day, had all the makings of a Dota 2 classic: unexpected twists, passionate comebacks, and a level of tension that could rival going high ground against a Collapse Magnus.

After losing the first game, BetBoom, led by the ever-insightful Alexander "TORONTOTOKYO" Khertek, rallied to win the next two games and snatched victory from the jaws of defeat. In the aftermath, TORONTOTOKYO sat down for a post-match interview that would reveal more than just insights into the game. When prodded about OG's performance, he stated: “They’re now a little bit better, of course. They are better than before we played."

TORONTOTOKYO at The International 11

TORONTOTOKYO went on to describe their loss in the first game with the tactical acumen of a Rank 3 Leaderboard player losing a 1v1 battle against Team Liquid coach William "Blitz" Lee (that really did happen). “The draft was not good. We shouldn't have made mistakes, but we did, and then it became really hard to play. Other games we just played late game and we didn’t really care,” he said.

If BetBoom can play like that when they don’t care, it really makes you wonder at what point they’ll actually start caring. Will it take a full moon? A solar eclipse? Or perhaps the stars aligning in the shape of a Dota 2 logo in the night sky? The team's journey, marked by ups and downs, victories and defeats, paints the picture of a team on the brink of greatness, yet seemingly held back by an enigmatic lack of concern at critical moments.

Reflecting on BetBoom's journey through various tournaments—from their highs at DreamLeague Season 20 to the lows of ESL One Kuala Lumpur 2023—illustrates a team that has experienced more ups and downs than Anathan “ana” Pham on his journey to two TI Championships.

Team Spirit’s Drafting Dilemma

During the ongoing saga of DreamLeague Season 22, Team Spirit's Illya "Yatoro" Mulyarchuk took a moment from the high-stakes competition to share some insights into the team's current predicament. Yatoro disclosed that Team Spirit is wrestling with some critical challenges, namely in their gameplay and draft strategies.

"We are not playing well at the moment. We have some problems with drafts and gameplay. There are certain issues," Yatoro confessed, with the weary tone of a Dota 2 pro who just read the Twitter DMs from a pissed off gambler following their loss. 

Yatoro pointing towards the Aegis of Champions after winning TI10

Echoing Yatoro's sentiments, Magomed "Collapse" Khalilov stated, "We did not have the best draft in the first map. Troll Warlord played against not the most suitable heroes: Outworld Destroyer and Primal Beast. Troll Warlord was the only character who could pull the map. It turned out that the opponents closed him. On the second one, I contributed more with my Doom build and gameplay than I benefited from. I will take the experience from this. Overall, the game didn't go well for us,” Collapse mused, painting a vivid picture of strategic misfires and narrowly averted disasters.

Despite the tumultuous journey, Team Spirit's ship didn't sink in the group stages. They finished in a respectable 4th place, barely clinching their spot in the next phase of the tournament. This performance, akin to walking through a Techies minefield, surviving with 10 HP and calling it a victory dance, showcased their uncanny ability to turn near-catastrophes into minor triumphs.

Team Spirit's current strategy seems to revolve around unpredictability; if outright brilliance is out of reach, then confounding their opponents with unconventional draft picks is the next best thing. As DreamLeague Season 22 continues, spectators and competitors alike are keenly watching, eager to see the next twist in Team Spirit's rollercoaster journey through the tournament.

Cr1t-'s Guide to Zen: How to Mentally Mute Your Teammates and Win Dota 2 Championships

Team Falcons' Andreas "Cr1t-" Nielsen recently shared his unique coping mechanism for dealing with his teammates, Stanislav "Malr1ne" Potorak and Ammar "ATF" Al-Assaf’s, in-game antics. In a post-game interview at DreamLeague Season 22, interviewer Gareth pointed out an interesting dynamic: while Team Falcons’ Malr1ne and ATF were busy tipping players and engaging in all-chat banter as if they were in a private group chat, Cr1t- seemed to be living in a parallel universe, untouched by the meme warfare.

Cr1t-'s revealed the secret behind staying sane in this chaotic environment. “I mean, honestly, I don't know if we have had some talks about it. I mean it's all fun at this point. I just don't even see it when Malr1ne does anything. I have like a mental mute on him; it doesn't show in my game that he's typing something, you know? I saw the Ammar all-chat in the last game after the game was over, which is, you know, it was all this... this team is not like it's not like they’ll be mad at all chat. Malr1ne is good friends with them [], and yeah, just good times.”

It's as if Cr1t- has developed a superpower, the ability to mentally mute his teammates' digital shenanigans, rendering him immune to the potential distractions of in-game banter. (All those years of playing with Artour "Arteezy" Babaev finally paid off.) One can only imagine Cr1t- in a serene bubble of focus, as Malr1ne and ATF digitally jest and jibe around him, a calm eye in the storm of their tomfoolery.

Despite the comedic undertones, the efficacy of Team Falcons' strategy—whether it includes tipping opponents into submission or just outright outplaying them—cannot be denied. Fresh off their first Tier 1 tournament win at the BetBoom Dacha 2024 in Dubai, Team Falcons is soaring into the second phase of the group stage of DreamLeague Season 22. The Dota 2 world watches with bated breath (and perhaps a finger on the mute button) to see if this unique blend of skill, strategy, and in-game banter will carry them to another championship.

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