4 Dota Heroes That Deserve A Netflix Live-Action Series

4 Dota Heroes That Deserve A Netflix Live-Action Series

Vignesh Raghuram
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Netflix has been showing an increasing amount of attention towards video games following the success of the Witcher series and Castlevania. They recently greenlit a live-action Assassin’s Creed series, a live-action Resident Evil series, a Splinter Cell anime, and a Cyberpunk: Edgerunners anime amongst many others. With a League of Legends anime in the form of “Arcane: Animated Series” in development, a Dota 2 series doesn’t really seem too far-fetched.

So if Netflix were considering making a series based on Dota 2 heroes, which ones would prove to be the most interesting and popular? 

Here are four Dota 2 heroes we want to see get a live-action adaptation in the future.

Four Heroes From Dota 2 That Deserve a Netflix Live-Action Series

Legion Commander

Tresdin the Legion Commander has one of the best lores amongst all the heroes in the Dota 2 universe, with a tremendous amount of depth and some intriguing battle sequences which would make for a great viewing experience on Netflix. 

Tresdin started off as a slave and then had to fight and claw herself through the ranks to become the Legion Commander that we know today. She won various battles for the bronze legion and became one of the most feared and respected leaders in her realm. 

4 Dota Heroes That Deserve A Netflix Live-Action Series
A lot of parallels can be drawn between Tresdin's story and Gladiator (2000 Film)

However, one battle against the Abyssal Horde led by Vrogros (Abyssal Underlord) at Stonehall changed it all. Even though she ultimately emerged victorious, it was at a great cost as her city lay in ruins. She has since vowed vengeance against the Abyssal Horde and is currently in pursuit of them. In her quest, she comes across Demonic Blades and opts to use them in her thirst for vengeance, despite literally becoming a Demon the more she utilizes them.

Honestly, what a story. The story of an underdog who rose among the ranks to become a legend, but then had a fall from grace due to overconfidence and temper which in turn caused her own corruption in search of power.

With a large enough budget, Legion Commander’s story could be one of the best opportunities for Dota 2 to make a jump to Netflix showcasing the brilliant depth of its heroes.

Phantom Assassin

Noir is regaining popularity with streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime producing more and more titles on that subject. No hero fits the Noir genre better than Phantom Assassin.

With a dark and tragic story, Mortred the Phantom Assassin was selected and abducted to join the Sisters of the Veil when she was very young. She was then brainwashed and made into a brainless killing machine, with her almost forgetting her own name as a result. Not even death releases the Phantom Assassins from their obligations to assassinate. Only when their list of names to kill is complete, will they be released.

4 Dota Heroes That Deserve A Netflix Live-Action Series
Mortred's lore has ample amounts of information about her background and a vast room for character growth

And we’re only getting started. If Slacks’ headcanon is true, Phantom Assassin would later evolve and become Spectre, an even more tragic hero. With the right actors and directors in place, this would make one hell of a story and would expand and confirm some of the hero’s lore in a meaningful way on Netflix.


Another genre that has recently had a resurgence is the Horror genre with Netflix producing series like “The Haunting of Bly Manor” and “You” which have gone on to become big draws.

Balanar, the Night Stalker’s lore will make for quite an interesting retelling considering his past and present self. Ezalor, the Keeper of The Light was a terror in Balancar’s home-world, slaughtering his kin. Somehow Night Stalker manages to survive showcasing resilience, endurance, and incorruptible willpower, and later becomes what he once feared - A terror.

To make a show featuring Night Stalker, there are a couple of routes one could take.. For example, it could be centered  on unassuming prey and focus on the hunt. Or the story can stick to Balanar and how he survived the horrors that Keeper of The Light unleashed on his world. The possibilities are endless on Netflix.


We felt that the rest of the above-mentioned ideas are way too gloomy for the average Netflix viewer. So to close out this list here’s something a little more upbeat.

Well, a Western seemed to fit the bill. Except instead of cowboys and horses, the series would feature Snapfire and her pet dragon toad Mortimer’s adventures. Sure the idea sounds wacky, but it is well in-line with the hero. 

4 Dota Heroes That Deserve A Netflix Live-Action Series
A Snapfire Western with a tone similar to that of 'Back to the Future Part III' would make for a hilarious experience

The adventures of a grandma, who wields a gun, rides a dragon toad, and also bakes cookies would make for a unique wild comedy series on Netflix(along the lines of Rick and Morty) entertaining adults and children alike.

These are golden ideas, Valve and Netflix. Please get on at least one of them.

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