March talks about the differences between playing in the West and in SEA

Vignesh Raghuram
Published On: 23 Dec 2019, 11:38 AM

Image Courtesy: TNC

Source: Gameishard

TNC Predator’s captain Park "March" Tae-won recently did an interview with ‘GameisHard’. In the conversation, he talks about his experiences in League of Legends, the differences between Western Dota and SEA Dota as well as why he decided to pursue a playing career instead of becoming a coach.

Here are some extracts. 

On why he became a pro player in Dota 2 rather than League of Legends like most Koreans:

March states that he did play League of Legends and was quite good at it, hitting Diamond 4 (The equivalent of Immortal Rank in Dota 2) back in the day. However, he decided to stick with Dota 2 since he liked it more.

”I just like Dota 2 more, that’s why I came back to it.”

On why he chose to become a player rather than staying as a coach

The player states that his knowledge and his ideas drew a lot of attention and offers. He states that he received multiple offers both for being a player and being a coach. He chose to be a player.

”I was offered to be a coach and I was offered to be a player. The opportunity to be a player was better.”

On the differences between Southeast Asian players and westerners

March says that it is easier for him to play with Asian players, thanks to similar work ethic and working attitudes.

“I’ve played more with Westerners. I was in J Storm with Westerners. Before that, I was MVP with Koreans and playing with Filipinos right now. There’s a lot of cultural differences. As a Korean, I’ll say it’s easier working with Asians. We have similar work ethic and very similar working attitudes.”

You can read the full interview HERE.

March will be back in action with TNC Predator at the Dreamleague Season 13 Leipzig Major 2020. They will be looking to defend their Major titles and win two in a row.

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