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Zayac States That Resolut1on Will Likely Stay With Team Secret

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Zayac says that Resolut1on will likely stay with Team Secret.
"It's hard to say, I'm not the one who decides. I think most likely yes," he said when responding to a question on whether Team Secret is considering picking up the Ukrainian player.
If he is picked up by Team Secret, Resolut1on will likely replace offlaner iceiceice in the lineup.

Team Secret’s run at the Riyadh Masters 2022 surprised many. The team that had struggled and ultimately failed to secure a place in the PGL: Arlington Major 2022, suddenly looked like one of the best teams in the world, going toe-to-toe against the likes of PSG.LGD, Tundra Esports, Team Spirit and more. One key change that could have led to Team Secret’s success was the addition of Roman "Resolut1on" Fomynok as a stand-in. The Ukrainian player replaced Daryl “iceiceice” Koh in the offlane and decimated his opponents in tandem with Baqyt "Zayac" Emiljanov.

So fans began speculating about Team Secret picking up Resolut1on and replacing iceiceice in the offlane. It looks like the move might actually take place soon.

Zayac shares that Resolut1on may continue playing for Team Secret

On his livestream, Zayac was answering questions from his viewers when one of them asked whether Team Secret would decide to continue with Resolut1on for their upcoming matches. Zayac responded by saying: “Will Resolut1on stay with Team Secret? It's hard to say, I'm not the one who decides. I think most likely yes. Obviously we played well. I think it's good for everyone to continue together.”

Following this, in Bogdan "Iceberg" Vasylenko’s Twitch stream, one of the viewers posed a question to Resolut1on who was lurking in the chat. According to a screenshot shared by Dota, he was asked to post a “plus” in chat if he was going to be playing in Team Secret for the International 2022 qualifiers. Resolution responded with a “+,” adding further fuel to the speculation.

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Team Secret has plenty of time to ponder about this decision since it will not be competing in the PGL: Arlington Major 2022. Its next major tournament appearance is scheduled to be at ESL One Malaysia 2022. However, it might also be making a stop at the Gamers Galaxy: Hat Yai 2022 tournament if it gets invited to the event.

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