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YapzOr Reveals His Favorite Team to Win The International (TI)

Ammar Aryani
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Yazied "YapzOr" Jaradat recently returned to livestreaming after having taken an extended break from Dota 2 due to health issues.
He was asked by viewers to name the best team to have won The International.
YapzOr noted that TI6’s Wings Gaming would be his choice, stating that the team’s drafts at the event would make even artificial intelligence (AI) confused.

Yazied "YapzOr" Jaradat recently named his favorite team to have won The International (TI) during a livestream. Having recently returned from his hiatus to recover from health issues, YapzOr was often seen livestreaming his ranked games on Twitch while waiting for the perfect timing to return to the competitive scene.

During his most recent livestream, YapzOr was asked for his opinion about the best team to have won the illustrious Aegis of Champions at TI. The question was also previously asked to several Dota 2 casters with each of them giving different answers.

“Wings goddamn Dota, for sure” - YapzOr on the best team to won TI

During a recent watchalong livestream, YapzOr was asked by viewers for his opinion on which team is the best team to have won the illustrious Aegis of Champions at The International (TI). YapzOr had a few options, from OG’s two-time championship run to Liquid’s lower bracket run at TI7.

However, YapzOr responded to the question without hesitation that his favorite team to have won TI would be none other than Wings Gaming’s dark horse run at The International 2016 (TI6), whose roster consisted of Chu “shadow” Zeyu, Zhou “bLink” Yang, Zhang "Faith_bian" Ruida, Li “iceice” Peng & Zhang "y`" Yiping.

He then went on to elaborate on his choice, saying that the team’s wide variety of heroes as well as unorthodox strategies would make even artificial intelligence (AI) confused. 

“Who is the best TI champion for you? Wings goddamn Dota, for sure. I think that team, in particular, would make even AI confused with their hero pool and strategies” said Yapzor.

Wings Gaming made its name known to the public after the team came out of nowhere to win ESL One Manila 2016 at the time. The team then went on an unbelievable run to win TI6 and became well-known for their unpredictable playstyle. However, the team went on a gradual decline post-TI6 before eventually disbanding in 2017.

Some of its players went into inactivity after the disbandment, while others such as Faith_bian & y` went on to have an illustrious career at PSG.LGD.

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