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Xcalibur Gets Physically Assaulted Over a Board Game

Ammar Aryani
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Steve "Xcalibur" Ye revealed on Twitter that he was physically assaulted while he was hanging out with friends yesterday.
The streamer also noted that he was injured over a board game, as he was trying to defend his actions during the game.
Xcalibur is currently playing for Team Bald Reborn, however was unable to qualify for The International 2022 despite beating Alliance.

While the transfer rumors have dialed down a notch in the previous week, current Team Bald Reborn mid laner Steve "Xcalibur" Ye revealed on Twitter that he was recently physically assaulted in public while hanging out with friends. The Swedish mid laner also noted that the incident happened over a board game, which left him injured in the jaw.

While Xcalibur revealed that he had no other injuries, he also stated that he could have handled things better for the incident to not happen in the first place.

Xcalibur got hit in the jaw over a game of Werewolves

During the off-season, Steve "Xcalibur" Ye decided to spend the break with his friends after spending the season playing for Team Bald Reborn as well as focusing on his streaming career. However, the time spent with his friends ended on a sour note as he revealed on Twitter that he was assaulted in public by a 32-year-old over a board game while he was hanging out with his friends.

The Swedish mid laner later revealed that he was punched in the jaw over a game of Werewolves, which was a variation of the well-known Mafia board game where players would have to debate the identities of players and vote to eliminate a suspect. Xcalibur noted that the culprit was screaming at him after the game, saying that he played badly. However, Xcalibur’s defensiveness along with casual taunting ended up setting off the perpetrator, causing the latter to assault him with a strike to his jaw.

While Xcalibur stated that he could have handled the situation better, he also noted that violence should never be acceptable in any way within the society. Following the incident, many sympathized with Xcalibur’s situation including Alliance’s CEO, Jonathan "Loda '' Berg as they wished him a speedy recovery.

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