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“We Will Qualify For TI11, One Way or The Other,” Says Quinn in Soniqs’ Arlington Major Vlog

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Quincy Crew were picked up by American organization Soniqs prior to the Arlington Major.
Despite an impressive showing during the latter stages of the group, Soniqs were unfortunately eliminated from the Major in the Group Stage despite drawing against PSG.LGD and OG.
The whole roster gave their insight about the Major as well as their expectations for The International 2022 (TI11) North American Qualifiers in its newest vlog.

Despite having an average season by earning top three finishes during the Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) season, Quincy Crew’s performances were good enough to be picked up by American organization Soniqs for the PGL Arlington Major as well as The International 2022 (TI11). However, its underwhelming performance during the Arlington Major caused them to be eliminated in the group stages.

But despite that, the team believes that it will qualify to TI11 regardless as the roster talked about their experiences in Soniq’s newest vlog.

Soniqs believes that they will go to TI11 despite underwhelming performances at Arlington Major.

Quincy Crew were having an average season, having placed first place in Tour 1 of the North American (NA) DPC Division I but finished third place in Tour 2, missing out on the Stockholm Major. Following the tour, Quincy Crew replaced three of its initial roster and recruited Rodrigo "LESLÃO" Santos, Arif "MSS" Anwar and Adrian "Fata" Trinks for the third tour. Quincy Crew ended up securing second place, earning them a direct invitation to the PGL Arlington Major.

In addition to the direct invite, Quincy Crew also announced that it was picked up by Soniqs for the upcoming Major and TI11. However, Soniq’s performance at the Major were less than ideal as they bombed out of the group stage, being in last place of Group A. Following the elimination, Soniqs released a vlog which covers its journey at the PGL Arlington Major.

The vlog started with Quinn "Quinn" Callahan talking about the team’s chemistry as it was their first LAN event together, before the rest of the team talked about their expectations during the Major as well as hopes of qualifying for TI11.

“I think I would like to play to the best of my ability and be comfortable with how things are, as this is our first LAN together as a team and my first LAN since COVID-19. I’m just looking forward to playing at the Major and see what happens, as I’m not pressured.” said Quinn when talking about the team.

After a montage video of the team’s activities before the Group Stage, the team talked about its journey at the Major as the team was eliminated after having an abysmal performance in its group stage.

“The thing is, I really wasn’t coming into the tournament with too much expectations but I definitely thought we would at least make it out of groups. I don’t think we were ready for this tournament in my opinion and it showed in our playstyle, we were just not good enough.” said MSS when talking about the group stage.

After Soniqs were eliminated from the Major, the team talked about its plans for the upcoming TI11 NA Qualifiers as it hopes to qualify for TI11 either through a direct invitation or the Last Chance Qualifiers.

“I think it is extremely likely that we will qualify for TI11, one way or the other but that would depend on whether we gain a direct invitation through the NA Qualifiers or the Last Chance Qualifiers. But yeah, for the qualifiers I think we just need to keep our heads down and improve while sucking less in matches. I think if we play well, the qualifiers will not be an issue.” Quinn believes that Soniqs will qualify to TI11 from the NA Qualifiers.

As of now, it seems very likely that Soniqs will at least travel to Singapore if it can defeat 5RATFORCESTAFF in the Upper Bracket Semifinals of the NA Qualifiers later today. However, Soniqs will want to win the whole NA qualifiers if it wants a direct invitation to TI11’s Group Stage.

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