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Vici Gaming Refreshes its Roster For TI11 China Qualifiers

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Vici Gaming parted ways with Yds and Victoria after the team got relegated to the second division at the end of the current season.
The Chinese team also announced the addition of Frisk and b a b to the roster, with Yang moving to position 5.
Vici Gaming is expected to debut its newest roster at the TI11 China Regional Qualifiers.

The post-Major transfer window saga continues as Vici Gaming now joins the action by announcing the departure of Zhao "Yds." Jiayi and Chen "Victoria" Guanhong on Weibo.Vici Gaming also announced the arrival of Pan "Frisk" Yi and Li "b a b" Kongbo as the team completes its roster for the upcoming The International 2022 (TI11) China Regional Qualifiers. Vici Gaming is set to debut its newest roster at the TI11 China Regional qualifiers, with tough competition from RNG, Xtreme Gaming and Invictus Gaming (IG) for the sole invitation slot. After an underwhelming Dota Pro Circuit(DPC) season, the Chinese organization were relegated to the second division for next season and are in real danger of not making it to TI11.

Yds and Victoria Parted Ways With Vici Gaming Following Relegation.

Vici Gaming announced on Weibo that it has parted ways with its position four player Zhao "Yds." Jiayi and position five player Chen "Victoria" Guanhong after the DPC 2021-22 season, which saw them getting relegated into the second division of the Chinese DPC in Tour 3.

“This year, after experiencing significant personnel changes, the team has been in the process of exploration and integration, unfortunately, the players have not been able to produce good chemistry between them, and also failed to achieve the expected goal. Faced with the imminent and competitive TI preselection, the team could not bet its last hope on the still unknown grinding. Finally, after careful consideration by the club, the VG Dota2 player lineup made the following adjustments.

Zhao Jiayi (id: xiaoma123) and Chen Guanhong (id: small spider) have now left the team, thanks to the two players in the DPC league, I hope they find a suitable team soon,” said Vici Gaming as it announced the departure of both Yds and Victoria on its Weibo page.

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Frisk and b a b Replacing the Departing Yds and Victoria as Yang Moves to Position 5.

To bolster its ranks, Vici Gaming also announced that they have signed Pan "Frisk" Yi (formerly known as Fade) from Invictus Gaming and Li "b a b" Kongbo who previously played for Team Blaze in 2020 to complete its roster for the upcoming TI11 China Regional Qualifiers. Furthermore, it also announced that Zhou "Yang" Haiyang will be moving to the hard support position as b a b will take Yang’s place in the offlane.

“In order to make it more convenient to command, Zhou Haiyang (id: Yang) has switched from the number three position to the number five position, and the former "Lord Yang" has turned into Erika's (also known as poyoyo) personal bodyguard to protect the team's early rhythm.

[b a b and Frisk joins VG].

Frisk and Yang, the former "Lord Yang", have been supporting each other on the road of disadvantage. The pair of good partners who used to support each other on the road of disadvantage, now together again, I hope they can also be in the position to support each other.

As a rookie player (po3), b a b played briefly for the former Blaze team and achieved a 10,000K MMR in July this year, his excellent individual ability made him recognized by the team in this trial, look forward to his brilliant performance in the game!

The past has gone with the wind, VG TI11 China qualifier lineup is officially confirmed, now we are all sprinting towards the same goal, TI11 qualifier cheer!”

Translation via DeepL Translator

Vici Gaming's newest roster for the upcoming qualifiers.

As of the announcement, Vici Gaming’s lineup for the regional qualifiers is as follows:

  1. Yang “Erika” Shaohan

  2. Guo “Xm” Hongcheng

  3. Li “b a b” Kongbo

  4. Pan “Frisk” Yi

  5. Zhou “Yang” Haiyang

Vici Gaming is expected to debut its newest roster at the TI11 China Regional qualifiers. However, it will face tough competition from RNG, Xtreme Gaming and Invictus Gaming (IG) for the sole invitation slot.

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