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Vici Gaming Earns a Win in TI11 China Qualifiers

Ammar Aryani
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In the third round of the Lower Bracket for The International 2022 (TI11) China Qualifiers, Vici Gaming and YBB Gaming faced off against each other.
During Game Two, Zhou "Yang" Haiyang’s all chat seemingly baited YBB Gaming enabling Vici Gaming to secure the series with a 2-0 scoreline.
Vici Gaming shall face CDEC in its next match in the Lower Bracket Quarterfinals, whereas YBB Gaming ended its journey in the TI11 China Qualifiers.

Elimination was at stake for Vici Gaming and in order for it to prevail and move forward it would need to conquer YBB Gaming in the third round of The International 2022 (TI11) China Qualifiers. However, the series was a stomp as Vici Gaming dominated YBB Gaming with a 2-0 scoreline. To add insult to injury, Zhou "Yang" Haiyang’s all chat bait during Game Two was seemingly the game winning play for Vici Gaming as it moved ahead in the Lower Bracket.

Vici Gaming will face CDEC in its next match in the Lower Bracket Quarterfinals tomorrow, whereas YBB Gaming’s TI11 journey has come to an end.

Vici Gaming vs YBB Gaming: Match recap

Going into the match, the community was heavily favoring Vici Gaming as the players within the team were more experienced, having recently recruited Pan "Fade/Frisk" Yi and Li "b a b" Kongbo.

Game One

In Game One, both teams went for an aggressive lineup as Vici Gaming drafted Phantom Assassin (PA), Queen of Pain (QOP) and Dawnbreaker supported by Undying and Shadow Shaman while YBB Gaming went for Lifestealer, Storm Spirit and Death Prophet alongside the Marci and Snapfire duo.

However, Vici Gaming executed its draft flawlessly as it dominated the early stage of the game leaving YBB Gaming struggling to stall the game. By 25 minutes, Vici Gaming had already gained a 18k net worth advantage as well as Roshan, making it difficult for YBB to turn the game around. The game ended at 32 minutes as YBB Gaming just could not stop Vici Gaming in its tracks. Yang "Erika" Shaohan’s Phantom Assassin had a 9/0/14 KDA and did not die a single time during the game.

Game Two

Game Two saw YBB Gaming draf Troll Warlord, Snapfire and Bounty Hunter with support from the Shadow Shaman and Dawnbreaker. On the other side, Vici Gaming drafted Lifestealer, QOP, and Death Prophet along with Omniknight and Marci.

During the early game, YBB Gaming was showing signs of life as it dominated the laning stage. Xiang "Beyond" Zhenghong’s Bounty Hunter was active around the map and was picking off Vici Gaming’s heroes with the Track ability and gaining a net worth advantage. However, as the game progressed further we saw that Vici Gaming was simply the better team as it managed to outplay YBB Gaming in the late game. Furthermore, Zhou "Yang" Haiyang’s bait by all-chatting Roshan’s respawn timing allowed Vici Gaming to earn a game-winning team fight. The game ended at 43 minutes as Erika all-chatted “haowanub” towards YBB Gaming as Vici Gaming had secured the series 2-0.

Vici Gaming's Yang all-chatted the Roshan respawn time.


Following the win, Vice Gaming will face CDEC tomorrow in the Lower Bracket Quarterfinals as they eliminate YBB Gaming in the China Regional Qualifiers.

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