Valve Announces New Rules & Changes for 2022/2023 DPC Season


Valve Announces New Rules & Changes for 2022/2023 DPC Season

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Valve announced that it has implemented new rules and changes for the upcoming Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) season.
One of the rules stated that organizations are allowed to give their spot in the DPC to other organizations, but they must consult the tournament organizer in charge of the region first.
Another rule change saw an increase in the penalty for roster changes in the middle of the season. The penalty has gone up from 15% to 20%.

While the off-season continues to provide transfer rumors as well as roster announcements, Dota 2 publisher Valve announced that it will be implementing new rules and changes for the upcoming 2022/2023 Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) Season. 

The changes mainly focus on providing harsher penalties to teams for roster changes during the middle of the competitive season. Other changes include guidelines for DPC slot ownership and tournament rulings should a team need a substitute for the event.

Harsher punishment for roster shuffling as Valve announces new changes for the upcoming season

Dota 2 publisher Valve recently announced that it has updated its current rules for the upcoming 2022/2023 season and the date of the roster lock for teams to register their final roster for the upcoming season.

For starters, the initial roster lock for the 2022/2023 DPC season will happen at 11:59am PT on 9th December. Organizations are still able to make roster changes after the conclusion of each regional league tour and the Major, but they will face a harsher penalty in doing so as Valve announced  teams will now incur a 20% penalty to all DPC Points earned at the time of removal instead of 15% from last year. Any partial DPC points will be rounded down for each individual event.

The changes were made following the events that transpired after the Arlington Major, where Fnatic qualified for The International 2022 at the expense of, after the community pointed out that there was a discrepancy in calculated points between Liquipedia & Valve.

Additionally, Valve announced that it has updated its rules regarding substitutes at a Major. Teams are still allowed to bring up to two substitutions to a Major should the situation require it, but the team will incur a 40% penalty on DPC Points earned from that tournament per substitution. Furthermore, should the team require more than two substitutions at a Major, the team will be considered forfeited from the tournament itself.

Finally, Valve also announced that it has added new rules regarding ownership of a DPC spot within each respective region. While teams are allowed to sell or purchase a spot in their respective regional league, the teams should contact their respective regional tournament organizers for details to avoid legal issues.

Since the roster lock date has been announced, the community can expect an increase in roster announcements in the coming weeks. In order to keep up with the Dota 2 roster changes around the world, check out AFK Gaming's post TI11 roster shuffle tracker below.

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