Two Roshans spawned at the same time in the Chinese Dota 2 Pro Circuit


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Two Roshans Spawn at the Same Time in China DPC 2021/22

Vignesh Raghuram
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In a game between EHOME and Aster.Aries in the China Dota 2 Pro Circuit 2021/22 Tour 2, two Roshans spawned at the same time.
This bug likely occurred since the game was restored to this point after encountering a another separate bug on June 28th.
Since there were two Roshans, the team that killed the two received twice the gold and experience that it normally would. However, it only received one Aegis.

Fans were treated to one of the weirdest sights in competitive Dota 2 when they saw two Roshans spawn at the same time in the China Dota 2 Pro Circuit (DPC) 2021/22 Tour 2. Surprisingly, only one of the two Roshan dropped an Aegis when it was killed, with the second merely giving gold and experience. However, that didn’t stop the Dota 2 community from going wild when watching the game thanks to the unique scene of watching two Roshans defend themselves while the heroes were trying to kill them.

This double Roshan bug may have occurred since the tournament organizers used the replay takeover function to restore this game.

Two Roshans Invade Aster.Aries vs EHOME game in the China DPC

The Chinese DPC Game between Aster.Aries and EHOME seems to be cursed. After being forced to postpone their series on June 28 due to an unresolveable lobby bug that caused one of the players to fully lose control of his hero, the tournament organizers attempted to restart the game in a similar gamestate as when the bug occurred, including “kills, gold/networth, game clock, and same draft and items.”

However, everything did not go according to plan. The tournament organizers restarted the game which spawned two Roshans in the game.

Two Roshans spawned at the same time in the DPC 2021/22 due to a bug

The tournament organizers decided to continue with the game, despite the obvious bug which eventually resulted in Aster.Aries’ Templar Assassin being unable to take Roshan since her refraction instances were being burned too quickly.

EHOME casually walked into the pit and took down both Roshans getting double the gold and experience bounty. However, they only received one Aegis. The next Roshan spawned normally, but it gave out both the refresher shard and Aegis indicating that the game counted it as the third Roshan.

But despite being put on the backfoot by the two simultaneous Roshans, Aster.Aries managed to persevere and win Game 2 before moving on to close out the series 2-1 by securing the victory in the final game.

The Replay Takeover function’s debut in the DPC may not have been as smooth as we all expected, but it is a promising start and could prove to be a game changer once Valve irons out the bugs that players encounter when reloading the game

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