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Tundra Esports' Nine & skiter Give Their Insight on EG’s performance at TI11

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The duo of Oliver "skiter" Lepko & Leon "Nine" Kirilin recently made an appearance on Janne "Gorgc '' Stefanovski's live stream.
While the duo mainly talked about Tundra’s performances at TI11, they also gave their opinions on Evil Geniuses, who were eliminated early on despite dominating the group stage.
Nine noted that they were shocked by EG’s performance during the Main Event playoffs, as Tundra had lost all of its scrims against the North American team.

Janne "Gorgc '' Stefanovski was recently joined by TI11 champions (The International 2022) Oliver "skiter" Lepko & Leon "Nine" Kirilin on his live-stream. While the championship winning duo talked about their team’s performance at the tournament with the Swedish streamer, they also gave their insight on North American (NA) team Evil Geniuses (EG) at the event.

EG managed to qualify for TI11 despite having an underwhelming season. However, the team was looking strong during the group stages as it topped its group with a 14-4 win-loss ratio. But, two losses against South American teams (SA) Thunder Awaken & beastcoast saw the team being eliminated from TI11 early on.

“I thought EG would come in stronger in the Main Event playoffs” - Nine & skiter gave their opinions on EG at TI11

During a match analysis of the match between Evil Geniuses & Thunder Awaken on Gorgc’s live stream, the duo of skiter and Nine admitted that they were shocked by EG’s performance during the Main Event playoffs. Nine also revealed that Tundra Esports lost all of its scrim matches against EG.

“ I thought EG would come in stronger in the Main Event playoffs. We lost all the scrims against them actually. They looked pretty scary actually, like EG.Nightfall was playing so well in the offlane.”

While Gorgc said that Egor "Nightfall" Grigorenko was considered as the MVP of the group stage in his opinion, Nine stated that the player might have been nervous going into the playoffs while making a reference to his other in-game name.

“He was pretty good [during the group stage]. But now, the Epileptick1d [aka Nightfall] when the playoffs start, his hands also started shaking.” said Nine when talking about Nightfall.

Skiter then joined in by saying that EG’s opponents, Thunder Awaken, were playing so well before saying that he felt sad after the SA organization announced that it has released its roster.

“Like during their match against Thunder Awaken, these guys were so good actually at TI. I’m actually sad that they’ve split up, I enjoyed watching them throughout the season.”

Despite having an underwhelming season, Evil Geniuses were able to turn things around during the TI11 Group Stage as it managed to top its group. However, the team saw an early exit from TI11 after two consecutive losses in the Main Event playoffs against the South American teams of Thunder Awaken & beastcoast.

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