Tundra Esports’ 33 & Skiter Talked About The Courier Bug At TI11 Grand Finals


Tundra Esports’ 33 & Skiter Talked About The Courier Bug At TI11 Grand Finals

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The duo of Oliver "skiter" Lepko & Neta “33” Shapira recently made an appearance on Janne "Gorgc '' Stefanovski's live stream.
While the duo were mainly co-casting on Gorgc’s stream, the duo also talked about a courier bug that occurred at TI11 Grand Finals.
Skiter & 33 also pointed out that the courier bug almost caused in-fighting within the team.

Janne "Gorgc'' Stefanovski was casting the Western European Dota Pro Circuit (WEU DPC) Open Qualifiers when he was suddenly joined by TI11 champions (The International 2022) Tundra Esports’ Oliver "skiter" Lepko & Neta “33” Shapira. While the trio mainly talked about the open qualifiers itself, the TI11 winning duo also revealed an interesting story that occurred during the Grand Finals of The International 2022.

Tundra Esports were one of the teams that were unaffected by the roster shuffle season, as its roster will continue to play together for the upcoming season.

Courier bug almost caused infighting between Tundra Esports members

During the drafting phase of the match that featured Old G on Gorgc’s live stream, the duo of skiter and 33 talked about an incident where Tundra Esports players were about to fight each other in the TI11 Grand Finals due to a courier bug.

The bug in question occurred during the second game in the TI11 Grand Finals between Tundra Esports and Team Secret, as Tundra’s captain Wu "Sneyking" Jingjun was unable to use his courier for a couple of minutes. While the courier itself is usable, Sneyking was unable to transport his items into the courier. However, the issue was resolved quickly.

However, the bug issue almost caused infighting between Tundra Esports members according to the duo. 

“We literally paused for 15 minutes because Sneyking couldn’t move his courier out of the base to fix the bug. We were like “Sney, please!” because we had this issue in the past and it’s an easy fix. There’s a spot in the base [fountain], a magic spot where you cannot put items into your courier. So what you need to do is to move the courier out of the fountain and back into the shop/item stash range to fix the issue.” skiter noted when talking about the issue.

33 then added on by saying that Sneyking’s delay in fixing the issue almost caused mid laner Leon "Nine" Kirilin to confront his captain on the stage, as the player was getting impatient.

“Nine was so tilted at Sneyking [as the issue could be easily resolved], that he almost stood up from his chair and beat up Sneyking on stage [laughs]. He was more mad than the rest of us, because we keep telling Sneyking on how to fix the issue however he keeps doing the opposite.”

Despite the issues that occurred in the Grand Finals, Tundra Esports went on to win its first ever TI championship as they defeated Team Secret in dominating fashion. Additionally, Tundra Esports will start the upcoming season in the first division of the WEU DPC 2022-23 with its entire roster intact.

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