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Tundra 33 Seems to Have Made It to The Bali Major 2023

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The Bali Major 2023 is the last major of the 2023 DPC season and will determine the teams that secure direct invites to The International 12.
Tundra’s offlaner, Neta “33” Shapira previously mentioned in a post-match interview that he would most likely be unable to attend the Bali Major 2023.
However, according to Dotabuff, the offlaner has been playing in Southeast Asia (SEA) servers, which may indicate his participation at the Bali Major 2023.

Tundra Esports' offlaner, Neta "33" Shapira, had previously mentioned that he may not be able to attend the Bali Major 2023 in a post-match interview at Dreamleague Season 20 even if the team qualified. However, recent developments indicate he may potentially participate in the last Major of the DPC 2023 season. The player’s last few pub games were on the Southeast Asia (SEA) server according to Dotabuff, which may suggest that he is in the region and will possibly be joining Tundra Esports to compete at the Bali Major 2023. 

Additionally, Noxville, a well-known member of the Dota 2 community recently tweeted about a rumor where he hints at every team making it to the Bali Major 2023 without any stand-ins.

33's Recent Pub Games in Southeast Asia

According to Dotabuff, 33’s recent matches have been on the SEA server, which suggests that he may have traveled to the region alongside his team, dispelling earlier concerns about his participation in the Bali Major.

His recent match data also shows that the player took a three-day break from Dota. However, it is uncertain whether it is the offlaner himself playing on the account or someone else, as professional Dota 2 players are often known for using other accounts.

33's Smurf on Dota 2 Pro Tracker
33's Smurf in SEA

Noxville also tweeted that there is a rumor afloat that every single team has made it to the Bali Major 2023 and no one needed any stand-ins, except for Quinn “Quinn” Callahan, who had issues with his flights to the city. He also complimented IO Esports on being able to bring 33 to the tournament.

Significance of the Bali Major

Scheduled to take place from 29th June to 9th July, the Bali Major carries significant importance as the final major tournament of the DPC season. Not only will it be a highly competitive event with the best teams around the world participating, but it will also determine the teams that secure coveted invitations to The International 2023. Thus far, no substantial rumors have emerged regarding other potential absences from the tournament.

With 33's recent pub games in SEA, the anticipation surrounding his participation in the Bali Major increases. While visa challenges for Israeli citizens present an obstacle, his presence on the SEA servers could indicate that he may join Tundra Esports for the last major of the season. As the Bali Major approaches, fans eagerly await official announcements from Tundra Esports regarding their final roster. 

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