TORONTOTOKYO Talks About BetBoom’s Expectations


TORONTOTOKYO Talks About BetBoom’s Expectations in DPC 2023

Ammar Aryani
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Following BetBoom Team’s debut victory against, TI10 champion Alexander "TORONTOTOKYO" Khertek was pulled aside for a winner’s post-match interview.
The former Team Spirit midlaner talked about his transition from the midlane to a support role amongst other things during the interview.
He also talked about his chemistry with his new teammates, saying that it has been a slow transition.

Following its debut in the Eastern Europe Dota Pro Circuit (EEU DPC), BetBoom Team’s support player Alexander "TORONTOTOKYO" Khertek was taken aside for a winner’s post-match interview. In it, he mentioned that the team was confident and well-prepared ahead of the match against Virtus.Pro. He also discussed the chemistry within the team, noting that they were able to fix any communication issues that arose. Lastly, he expressed his expectation of qualifying for upcoming Majors, and his interest in playing against Chinese and Western European teams.

“It’s been a buzz to play on the five position” - TORONTOTOKYO discusses transition to support

During the winner’s post match interview according to, BetBoom Team’s TORONTOTOKYO started off by talking about the team’s approach before its match against At the same time, he noted that they were well prepared and confident before the match.

“There was no excitement, because we are doing well. We are pretty confident in ourselves. We didn't know how VP would play, either good or bad, but we were ready for anything. We approached the series without excitement.”

He then talked about his recent transition into the position five support role by saying that it has been an amazing experience while laning with Ivan "Pure" Moskalenko.

“It's been an absolute buzz [to play] on the five role. I feel like there's progress [in terms of playstyle and learning experience]. At KB there were mistakes on the line and in the game, but now I've made conclusions in terms of the progress and feel better. With Ivan [Pure] as the carry of the team, we have a normal synergy during the game.” 

TORONTOTOKYO then noted the chemistry within the team has been building well, before ending the interview by talking about his expectations about the current tour with his new team.

“Me, Save- and Nightfall probably talk the most during the game. Gpk and Pure, less so [as they tend to focus]. In short, everyone talks normally. Sometimes there are moments of spam in between the communications, but we were able to fix it. In terms of expectations, for me at the moment is to qualify for the upcoming Majors. All teams can, in my theory, play well. DPC with Eastern European teams is not really that interesting to be honest, just in terms of play style differences. In the majors, it would be interesting to play with the Chinese teams as well as the Western European teams.”

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BetBoom Team’s next match will be against HellRaisers on 14th January. HellRaisers are currently top of the league, sharing the spot with Roman "RAMZES666" Kushnarev’s Darkside with two wins and could prove to be quite the challenge for BetBoom Team.

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