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TORONTOTOKYO Talks About BetBoom Team's Shocking Exit From the Lima Major

Ammar Aryani
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BetBoom Team's Alexander "TORONTOTOKYO" Khertek recently commented on the team's horrible performance at the Lima Major.
He dismissed the rumors that his team has internal issues that led to its horrible performance.
He also noted that the team will come back stronger in the Spring Tour.

BetBoom Team's support player Alexander "TORONTOTOKYO" Khertek recently commented on the team's horrible performance at the Lima Major on his personal Telegram channel. While the Eastern European (EEU) team dominated the regional Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) league, the team had a terrible run at the Lima Major as the team ended their journey at the Major with a bottom six finish.

While many were quick to assume that the superstar roster of BetBoom Team had internal issues, TORONTOTOKYO went on to address the rumors on social media.

TORONTOTOKYO dismisses internal issues rumor

TORONTOTOKYO addressed the community regarding BetBoom Team's performance at the Lima Major on his personal Telegram channel as well as BetBoom Team's Twitter account. He started off by issuing an apology to the fans, while also stating that they will be working on fixing the issues that the team stumbled upon during the Major.

"The tournament is over for us; we lost and did not make it to the playoffs. Many different reasons can be given as to why this happened, but the results cannot be changed anyways. Most important thing is that there is something to draw conclusions from. With each individual series, it will be possible to draw some conclusion. We will work on it. Besides, it was the first tournament for our team. I'm glad we went to it. Thanks to this tournament, we will become stronger, I'm sure."

He then went to dismiss the allegations surrounding the team's atmosphere, saying that the team had no difficulties playing with each other and will be trying to improve on their chemistry together.

"About the atmosphere in the team. Many people say we have something wrong, but from my point of view, we're fine. No one is squabbling, we all understand why we lost, we have just a working environment. Each of us has attended many tournaments. There are defeats and there are victories. We still have a lot of tournaments ahead of us, so we will try to show our best performance."

He then ended his thoughts by talking about his feelings after the team was eliminated from the Major.

"Am I very upset? It is always unpleasant to lose. And I will always be upset after losses. But I understand that this is part of the journey. This is just the beginning of the season, so I think everything will be fine. We will work, and this tournament has shown us that we need to work even harder."

While many were understandably disappointed with BetBoom's performances at the Major, the team is expected to stick together for the upcoming Spring Tour.

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